Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Billy Chiam

Used widely as currency, jewelry, electronics and even medicine, precious metals such as gold and silver have always been a much sought after mineral. Hankered after frequently by villains in fairy tales and fables, this phenomenon is often seen in the real world as well, with people buying and storing gold as a form of investment. For those looking to do the same, Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd is one company which specially deals in such metals.

Established in 2011 by Mr. Billy Chiam, Gold Price Singapore provides ready gold and silver stocks, their forms including bars and bullions, their weights ranging from one gram to a hundred gram. In addition, Mr. Chiam emphasizes on direct physical dealings with no pyramid schemes, putting his customers at ease. Also, Gold Price Singapore has been able not to be affected by the market fluctuations, resulting in a better price for their customers. Hnece, their flexibility in their dealings have resulted in the increase of the number of customers, who prefer honest, sincere business interactions, which Mr. Chiam has provided consistently.

Before he ventured into entrepreneurship, Mr. Chiam was actually in the IT industry. Dissatisfied with his career path, he was plagued with the worry for his long-term prospects with the 2008 financial recession. “I was worried that my career will not sustain me. And it caused me to question myself, ‘What can I do despite this recession?’” A religious man, Mr. Chiam then sought divine intervention, and prayed to God for advice. Enlightened, Mr. Chiam begun researching on the precious metals industry.

“I was working for myself, out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know much of this industry, but I believed in the direction that God has pointed me towards. The gold and precious metals industry is a booming one, and I know I had to give it a try.”

And he did. With his strong background in IT, and previous experiences in management, Gold Price Singapore was born. But Mr. Chiam knew he had a long way to go. Now managing the company by himself, he learnt through the hard way the difficulties of entrepreneurship. “There was no proper guidance, and I sustained some hard knocks. But you fall, and you lift yourself up. And when people might not teach you exactly, you learn from others. You have to be quick in absorbing knowledge, and apply to your business. That is what makes you stronger.”

With the help of his family members and associates, Mr. Chiam begin building Gold Price Singapore to what it is today. Learning the art of search engine automation, and with his new connections and suppliers, the reach of the company began expanding. Now, two years after his company’s establishment, Gold Price Singapore has already amassed an impressive number of satisfied customers, some with their testimonials on the company’s website. It is a testament to the standard and quality Gold Price Singapore have propelled themselves to.

A young entrepreneur, Mr. Chiam knows bests the rigors and difficulties a fellow young entrepreneur might have, and he has a few well-chosen advice for them. “There is plenty of temptation in the market, but it important not to fall into such traps, and let greed overtake yourself. Always treat your customers with honesty and integrity. Entrust in God to lead. Because in the end, you don’t answer to people, but the man upstairs. God will judge you.”

In addition, Mr. Chiam feels that an entrepreneur should always think about how he can give back to the people. “They should always think about how they can benefit the people around them, instead of taking big risks with their business. Taking risks also ensures hat you’re exposing yourself to greater risks, which is simply not worth it.”

By taking a slow measured approach with his company, Mr. Chiam has ensured that Gold Price Singapore had a good chance to grow to the company that it is today. With this latest accomplishment, Mr. Chiam now hopes to steer his company direction towards manufacturing, expanding their service range from simply dealership, and building the company to become the top branded gold dealer in the market. To that, we sincerely wish Mr. Chiam and Gold Price Singapore the best in their future endeavors.

Contact Details:
11 Woodlands Close #04-25
Woodlands 11 S(737853)
T| 6591 8832

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