Sanric Petcare Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Tan

It’s difficult to understand why people do not realize that pets are gifts to mankind. Like human, pets are sentient creatures. Pets are like children, they know if you really love them or not. It is impossible to fool them. As the society gets more bustling everyday, more people are adopting pets due to their lovable demeanor to get over from a day’s of hard work. Sanric Petcare is a wholesale pet food, treats and everyday pet supply exporter. The company also represents a number of oversea brands and acts as a medium between the products and consumers. Sanric Petcare also manufactures its own house brand; SAVA, a superlative brand, which proffers high quality pet care products for any critter.

The idiosyncratic name; Sanric Petcare, is eponymous to Mr Eric Tan, founder of Sanric Petcare, as Mr Tan made intelligible: “It was an unwritten tradition for businesses in my family to start their name with the term ‘San.’ I wanted to blend in so I merged both my name and the term together, forming ‘Sanric.’” Mr Tan’s fanatical passion for pets formed when he was living in Malaysia. “I lived in Malaysia two years prior to starting out Sanric, and I realized that pets occupy the minds of many working adults. Pet owners would also spend a lot on their pets without any hesitation.” Mr Tan reminisced. The idea then dawned on Mr Tan, to commence Sanric Petcare. “My dad was an inspiration for me to start out Sanric as well. He started off cleaning fish tanks, and today, he have more than 60 employees under his wings.” Mr Tan explicated.

Life could get frenetic in modern times. With higher living costs, young people are putting focus on their careers; diminishing time for their families, let alone bearing children. Due to this factor, more people are adopting pets as part of their families. Parents would adopt pets to keep their child accompany while they attend to their work. Singles who live alone would jump on the bandwagon too, adopting pets to keep life enthralling. “Married couples who do not want children adopt pets as a substitute for a child as well. So do old folks, as pets serves as a form of therapy for them; keeping them physically and socially active.” Mr Tan added on.

Sanric Petcare was soon initiated in 2005 as Sanric Trading under this conception. It was renamed Sanric Petcare in 2010. Surprisingly, as Mr Tan admittedly divulged, Sanric Petcare was initiated on impulse. “Before I started out, I hadn’t done any research. I just jumped into the industry, and I do not know any formulas for pet food.” One could not blame Mr Tan, nobody could resist how compulsive the pet care industry is, with a profusion of fiscal gains every year, and everybody wants to be a part of it. This caused multitudes of competition for Sanric Petcare. “I also met with some capital problems. To make things worst, as we are still new in the market, we had quite a lot of difficulty convincing customers the advantages of our products.” Mr Tan ruminated despondency.

Nevertheless, an astute Mr Tan was soon able to turn the tables around. “My dad was very supportive of me starting my own business, he did not uttered a word when i borrowed $50K to sustain my business. I owe everything I have today to him.” Mr Tan regarded his father with admiration. “We also managed to create unique pet food formulas.” A good product can’t go without good services. As Mr Tan explained: “We also provide free delivery to our customers. In this trade, it’s common for pet care businesses to implement a ‘minimum order’ scheme, which requires customers to purchase a targeted amount of products before processing the order. We decided to do away with that as we find it cumbersome for customers.” A business would not be able to pull through without lady luck on its side. “Thankfully, we were lucky. Sanric was able to avert all disasters away from its path. Every business needs an element of luck.” Mr Tan added on.
“As an entrepreneur, I also met with many quirky incidents that wouldn’t happen under everyday life. I was chased out of stores when I was doing sales of my products. Once, I took a bus around with bags of pet food in my hands. Everybody was staring at me with strange looks on their faces.” a jovial Mr Tan jested. “Usually, I would get my girlfriend to deal with male customers while I deal with female ones. I believe male customers relate better with female sales people. The same goes for female customers, they tend to relate better to sales people of the other gender.”

Today, eating healthy and being green is deemed as cool and trendy. The same goes for pets; pet owners would prefer organic pet food formulas, as it is more sophisticated. Mr Tan then rejoined: “We pride ourselves as a pet care company that carries and sells only organic and natural products. Not to mention our products are eco-friendly as well.” Mr Tan then put into words how this fad came about: “It all started in the United States. Pet owners prefer feeding natural food to their pets and this trend soon made its way thousand of miles away, here in Asia. As we want to satisfy our customer’s expectations, we specifically produce our pet food formulas organically, with ingredients that are fresh and found in supermarkets.”

“Being able to build up the SAVA brand to a household name for pet owners is one of my biggest achievements to date. More stray cat owners are patronizing SAVA brand products gradually.” Mr Tan announced his entrepreneurial attainment with pride. Mr Tan soon interpreted his denotation of entrepreneurship: “An entrepreneurship is where you find opportunities, building up on it with innovative ideas or products and hopefully make products from it. Being self-employed and managing your own business is both fun and rewarding; especially when we see our hard work pay off and our dreams become reality.” Mr Tan paused for a moment. “Being resourceful is extremely important as an entrepreneur. We must competently keep ourselves abreast with the current trends and demands.”

“Golf is my inspiration as it educates me the qualities of running a business well.” Mr Tan, an avid golfer, pronounced. “Golf teaches us patience, discipline, focus and hard work. These are qualities important to run a business well.” Mr Tan added on: “I certainly could not forget my father. He has been my inspiration and motivation all these while. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to see success today.”

A confident entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur. “To be a successful entrepreneur, you must believe in yourselves. You also need to be self-motivated and possess a long termed vision; a goal. A successful entrepreneur must also have the persistency to be able to endure rejections and setbacks.” Mr Tan opinionated. Fear is often the biggest obstacle impeding entrepreneurs from procuring their goals. Entrepreneurs might find themselves hesitant to proceed forward due to the fear of failure. Mr Tan then advocated: “Do not be afraid to take risks, do not be afraid to fear. The biggest barrier or obstacle to success is the fear of failure.”

When asked if Sanric Petcare has any plans for expansion, Mr Tan replied forthwith. “Of course we are looking at expansion. Being a distributor is tough so hopefully we might find investors to invest in a manufacturing facility.”

Being such a remarkable entrepreneur, Mr Tan shall have no hitches bringing Sanric Petcare to greater heights.

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57 Ubi Centre #04-15
Ubi Ave 1 S(408936)
T| 9190 5545

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