Irodori Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Alan Tang
Mr. Andy
Mr. Dennis
Mr. Phillip Chan

The secret of getting ahead is to, but get started. With inclination to acquire the “Big Ones”, Mr. Philip Chan, the Managing Director, along with 3 Friends who share the ditto Mastermind Principles, spearheaded the team and take on the endeavour of Entrepreneurship in the last quarter of year 2008.

Irodori Japanese Restaurant, of which is named after one of the Partner’s Daughter, is idyllically located at the heart of city in River View Hotel along Havelock Road, encompass by the awe-inspiring Singapore River. Serving the Authentic Japanese Food in a crowd-pleasing “Eat-All-You-Can” conformation, tantalizing many taste buds with aperitive dishes like Mehuro Sashimi, Yaki Moro, Tempura and many more.

As a maestro with 25 years of rich transcends in Japanese culinary, Mr. Philip, together with the Management team has also developed the gazette of signature ala carte menu list of blue-chip standards, including the apple of many one’s eye Sashimi Specials, Beef Shogayaki and Teriyaki.

With consistent quality excellency, the Restaurant has undoubtedly attracted incessant food pleasure seekers, sufficing incessant one’s appetence, jam-packing the entire premises as well as the waiting list over the weekends. During the dialogue, in a very modest way, Mr. Philip added, I feel honoured to have our former Mr. President S. R. Nathan as a patron dining in our private room as well. To consistently actualize full waiting list every single weekend is also an achievement to me, added Mr. Philip.

Where the road of success is always in construction, having the hands full during the economic crisis in the year 2008 had been an arduous but abounding experiences for the team, said Mr. Philip. And in year 2011, the Tsunami occurrence in Japan had cause shortage of supplies for their inalienable fishes. Despite this, the restaurant insists on serving only the freshest, or not to at all.

To earmark themselves from the competitors, the Restaurant benchmark themselves consistently with amelioration through feedbacks from customers, consistently providing not to but the onliest freshest at a reasonable price at all times. Customers get to enjoy run-after dishes such as Big Prawns as complementary as well, he added.

As words to the wise for aspiring F&B entrepreneurs to be, the Founders highlighted, the key to be successful in this business, you have to make every single customer feel that they are important through meritorious service delivered by an inconceivable team. Always equip and devote yourself with plenteous ways and means to groom an exceptional team. Possessing an arraying passion in serving every food to its peculiarity and putting in one’s heart and soul in running the business not only to deliver the desirable standards of food but also in service excellency, plays a prominent part as well, added Mr. Philip.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence of talents wins Championships. As a Management who deemed talents as one of the most valuable assets, the Management never take a lull in hunting for local talents, constantly seeking opportunities to groom talents. Talent management is half-a-battle for entrepreneurship to me, added Mr. Philip.

Not letting grass grow under feet, led by Mr. Dennis, Irodori Japanese Restaurant has now expanded to Shanghai, China since 1st May 2013. Leaving no stone unturned, the team already have plans for further expansions and the enterprising Founders are also open to avenues for good investment opportunities for enterprising individuals.

Rain or shine, Irodori Japanese Restaurant will continue to run in a taut ship to serve top-notch quality food adjunct to service standards, and be better and better, year after year.

Contact Details:
382 Havelock Road #03-01
Riverview Hotel S(169629)
T| 6737 2002
F| 6737 0301

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