I.D. + A Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Frank Tang

Embodying the aim to create an environment for one to have a sense of belonging, while at the same time forming an identity, I.D.+A is an interior design firm which provides a holistic approach to the services rendered for their clients. Services include design consultancy to design and build for both residential and
commercial projects.

Six years ago, Mr Tang started his own practice. While many of his peers had begun their own businesses much earlier, he had joined another firm to widen his horizons before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

“I felt that I’m not ready to run a company due to my limited experience in various aspect of interior design”.

Therefore, it is only after gaining more knowledge in a wide range of projects that he felt more confident to start up a business with his partner who was an experienced builder in the industry. As is always, the ability to start one’s own business is largely reliant on experience and technical know-how, and as such, Mr Tang’s decision to slowly learn the trade is one that allowed him the due time to slowly learn and perfect his craft.

Mr Tang had an interest in design ever since he was in secondary school. As such, he chose Temasek Polytechnic to pursue his passion and graduated with a Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design. The experience in school gave him his first taste in appreciating spatial design and has never looked back since.

It is through years of practice that he learnt, “Everyone will prefer to have his or her own space personalized; it gives me a great sense of satisfaction when my client benefitted from my design solution”.

It is no secret that different people do tend to prefer different individualized designs and structures. Evidently, his experience has taught him the importance of catering to each customer’s unique taste and preference in interior design.

Being a businessman with good judgment, Mr Tang is highly aware that the services offered within the market are mostly similar. In order to differentiate themselves from their direct competitors, they focus their attention on after-
sales services. By providing the same level of devotion to customers, it will provide a lasting and positive impression on their minds.

I.D.+A is currently in the midst of setting up another company that will primarily undertake building and construction projects. This will allow I.D.+A to focus solely on providing design consultancy services to both residential and
commercial projects in the future.

The origins of the company’s name came from the abbreviation of “interior design” and “architecture”. By keep it simple, customers can always remember it.

Mr Tang stated that a successful company must always have good leadership and motivated staff.

“A country is not strong without its people; a company will not be successful if not for the team that is supporting the operations.”

As such, it is only with a cohesive and harmonious work atmosphere that everyone in the office will share a common identity, and in such a way, the office environment will be one resembling a family. With everyone functioning like a family and believing in the same vision of the company, it allows for I.D.+A to work with unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

When asked about advice he would give to potential entrepreneurs, Mr Tang said,

“One must require fighting spirit because you will definitely go through tough times”. This is the most important character trait that a potential entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed.”

Hence, with fighting spirit and a dedication in the field of interior design, it is no wonder that I.D.+A Pte Ltd is rapidly making headways in their endeavor.

Contact Details:
237 Alexandria Road #07-02
The Alexier S(159929)
T| 6479 6566
F| 6479 5855
E| info@id-plus-a.biz

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