Modular InfoTech Pvt Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tushar Dholakia

Established in 1983 by a group of passionate and skillful engineers in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Modular Infotech has since grown into a mega success story that everyone will look up to.

Their decision to do business in Singapore is based on the fact that Singapore is a well-organized country. According to Mr Dholakia, this allowed for Modular Infotech to maintain a constant flow of productivity. As such, the company is able to function with lesser time wastage, and more importantly, this will help establish Modular Infotech as a reliable name for their customers.

The decision to operate in Singapore is a dream come true for Mr Dholakia. This is because the company has always wanted to do business in the ASEAN region. However, Modular Infotech’s journey into this new market has not always been smooth sailing. This is largely due to the fact that they are a relatively new company in Singapore, and customers were uncertain about them. Nevertheless, everyone at the company worked hard and attempted to attain success one step at a time. To begin, Modular Infotech took on smaller projects so as to slowly earn the trust of customers, and with trust created, they moved on to take on bigger projects in the industry.

Moreover, Mr Dholakia mentioned that the standard of service is guaranteed in Modular Infotech because all members of the staff are highly skilled and experienced. It is only with a knowledgeable staff that customers’ satisfaction can be guaranteed. This is because all members of the staff has knowledge, direction, and experienced, and will even know when to adapt their services to suit the demands of different customers.

When asked about the essence of entrepreneurship, Mr Dholakia simply said, “Never give up”. While it may be interpreted as a mere cliché, the mantra of never giving up is in actuality as straightforward as can be. It is all about putting the mantra into practical application in life, and Modular Infotech has succeeded in doing just that. Mr Dholakia added that the determination of a person comes from the confidence that he or she has the right products and services to offer. In short, if quality and standard are strong, an entrepreneur has nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, Mr Dholakia also talked about the importance of self-help. He mentioned that it is very important that people practice self-motivation; this is because, at the end of the day, the onus is up to the individual to succeed. As such, the individual must take it upon himself/herself to work hard, because one will bear all the responsibilities of his/her actions.

“Patience, innovation, and team management”, was what Mr Dholakia said when asked about the qualities required for success in business. Expanding on this idea, he said that a patient leader would be able to see that the initial phases of a business is a test of one’s determination and ability. As for innovation, in the world of business, it is of utmost importance to innovate, this is because the world is constantly changing, and it is only appropriate that company’s initiate changes to adapt with the time. Most importantly, the ability to manage a team is vital as the role of the leader is to inspire and motivate the staff so that they feel included and special within a company.

Ultimately, the company has achieved this level of success on our shores largely due to the direction and ethos from within the company. It is clearly indicative that Modular Infotech has managed to merge technical expertise, patience, determination and passion all into one.

As one can clearly see, the clear vision of Modular Infotech, coupled with true technical expertise and a passion for the industry, are what made the company a success that we see today. Last but not least, it will be these qualities that will ensure more success for Modular Infotech for many more years to come.

Contact Details:
40 Jalan Pemimpin (The Centrum) #02-01
Tat Ann Building S(577185)
T| 6836 5939

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