AceAgape Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Richard Goh

With technology almost becoming a manifestation of people’s lives, and seemingly penetrating into every facet of the everyday, it is only right that we have a group of people dedicated to making other people’s technological needs easier.

AceAgape has been serving the needs of its clients since 2003. The company now offers a range of services, namely; IT Infrastructure, system integration, web solutions, data recovery, IT management solutions, web and email hosting.

When asked about the reasons for venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, Mr Goh talked about a dream he had. He humorously mentioned that he saw himself in the dream, and he was sitting in front of the television, after his retirement from the corporate world, with his legs out-stretched in front of the TV, as he was holding onto a drink. With regards to what he interpreted from the dream, Mr Goh said that it scared him, as “it means I have nothing much to do in life” after retirement. It is this very fear of laziness and idleness that spurred him into action.

Having been in the corporate world for twenty years and in the IT industry for ten, Mr Goh is obviously a man of much experience. Having such rich work experience trained his character as well as skill-set. Mr Goh mentioned that he is “doing what he knows best”, and that he is most certainly no stranger to the IT industry. He also talked about his love for the industry, and how one cannot stop learning, as the industry is progressive and constantly moving forward.

Mr Goh mentioned that the initial stages of business were rather challenging because he had to build up his own customer base. He went on to add that he needed people to believe in his brand even though they were already quite a few companies already in the market. As an active go-getter, Mr Goh decided to handle the problem straight-on, as he decided to make his services as personalized as possible. This will allow his customers to have greater flexibility and say over their desired outcome.

Plans of expansions are on the cards, as Mr Goh hopes to be able to expand the business within the region. This will help ensure that the company name of AceAgape will spread far beyond the shores of Singapore.

“In the corporate world, you can delegate tasks, but in your own business, you have to oversee everything”, that was what Mr Goh said when asked about the nature of entrepreneurship. As is evident, the role of the business owner is one that requires tremendous amounts of time, hard work, and knowledge. In order to ensure that things go according to plan, Mr Goh indicated that the importance of being alert can never be overstated. This is because one must constantly be alert and aware of the trends in the world to make changes and adapt when necessary.

Mr Goh says that his main motivation is the very fact that he owns his own business. “My business is my baby”, Mr Goh said. These few words encapsulate Mr Goh’s passion for his company, or as he terms it, “baby”. As such, it can be seen that the success of AceAgape is largely due to the fact that Mr Goh sees his own company not as a separate entity from himself, but as his own flesh and blood. It is only by seeing his company as family that Mr Goh can fully devote as much time as possible to his chosen path.

Moreover, it is only by treating his company like his own flesh and blood that Mr Goh emphatically says that he “cannot afford to slack off” in his duties at work. This is more than a career or a job; this is actually similar to a faithful responsibility and a sense of total commitment to a cause that he truly and fully believes in. As such, it is little surprise that Mr Goh’s AceAgape is the success story that we see today.

Contact Details:
1014 Geylang East Ave 3
#03-208 S(389729)
T| 6746 6505

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