AL-Tech Instrumentation & Engineering Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alex Teo

The conception of Al-Tech Instrumentation and Engineering is derived from a dream to set new standards and create a one-stop solution for their customer’s engineering needs. Since that day, nineteen years have passed, and Al-Tech is still proudly serving customers worldwide.

With currently two directors in the company, Al-Tech provides a wide-range of services for manufacturing industry. From designing and building of automation and test system equipment for customers in semiconductor; electronic and disk drive region to solar manufacturing companies around the world. Al-Tech is a committed company that seeks to provide efficient and consistent services for all of their customers’ needs.

“You will never get what you want”, that was what Mr Teo said when asked about his initial decision to become an entrepreneur. While it may sound gloomy, Mr Teo went on to explain that it is up to the individual to fight for what he or she wants to be. As such, what can be deduced from Mr Teo’s rather cryptic message is that there can never be any substitute for a fighting spirit. He went on to mention that the world of entrepreneurship is like a proving ground of sorts, as it tests a person’s perseverance and drive.

Mr Teo said that the initial stages were difficult as he encountered difficulties hiring an adequate pool of workers due to a lack in financial support. However, he solved the problem in an intelligent and resourceful manner. He solved the problem by selecting workers who are experienced and relevant, that way, the company will be able to move ahead because all those who are employed are fully capable in their respective designations. As such, Al-Tech Instrumentation and Engineering typifies the saying of “quality over quantity”.

Hence, it is easy for Al-Tech to stand apart as all of their employees have the right amount of knowledge for their roles within the company. This will ensure that the operations run smoothly, as they can all be synchronized as a team to get the work done. In addition, the company also provides amazing flexibility for customers, so as to cater to different customers’ requests. Mr Teo mentioned that his company is more than willing to work closely with customers to fulfill their needs. Moreover, they will also be at hand to offer guidance and advice if the customers require them.

In the meantime, Mr Teo is looking into expanding their business empire. He mentioned that the company would be moving into the area of providing solutions for green energy manufacturer. Not only is green energy, otherwise known as renewable energy, the new market, it is also more socially responsible to the environment and the world-at-large. In addition, the company hopes to venture out more into the Asian market, as Mr Teo and his partner have their sights set on Japan and China.

To Mr Teo, being able to establish a tight-knitted team that is able to work closely is one of his proudest achievements to date. He went on to explain that, rather than seeing it as a mundane workplace, the employees see the company as a family, where people share a common goal and bond together. Moreover, Mr Teo also mentioned that he is very proud of the fact that his company is a leader in the industry, and that the high revenue generated reflects the quality of services offered by the company.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Mr Teo resolutely said, “You really have to give quality products and gain trust from the customers, that way your company can carry on”. While the advice may seem simple enough, it is easier said than done. According to Mr Teo, it is the constant ability to offer quality, rather than quantity, that will ensure the continued success of a company.

Mr Teo also emphasized on the importance of enduring the ups and downs that one will encounter on his or her journey in entrepreneurship. It is clear that mental strength is equally as important as the technical-know-hows in the world of business. As is evident with the achievements of Al-Tech Instrumentation and Engineering, it is clear that they have mastered the fine balance of perfection in mental strength and technical knowledge to achieve the success they have today.

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Woodlands Spectrum II S(738956)
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