Acepro Security Consultancy Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ben Ng

AcePro Security Consultancy, as its name suggests, deals primarily in the area of providing quality security services to its clients. Their services range from security technology, audit consultation to providing actual on-site security officers.

Mr Ng’s decision to start his own business in the security industry stems from the desire to utilize his skills as a former Senior Investigation Officer in the Singapore Police Force. It was during his time in the police force that he developed an interest in the area of security. Not to mention, Mr Ng has also won many personal accolades in his time as a police officer, this include awards such as, the Commander’s Award (in 2000); Most Operation Attuned Officer (in 1997); Operation Excellence (in 1999), and many more.

It is with experience in the security industry that Mr Ng says that “nobody aspires to be a security officer”, as such, he takes an extra effort in providing the necessary welfare for his hardworking employees in order for them to feel recognized. One significant implementation is Mr Ng’s pledge towards fair employment practices, whereby the company actually works with major telecommunication service providers to allow all employees the ability to use Internet and mobile services at discounted corporate rates.

In addition, there is an added sense of difficulty in trying to set up a business in the security industry. Mr Ng mentioned that it is a requirement for everyone within the security industry to attend a lot of courses in this area of expertise. He also mentioned that it is extremely difficult to gain brand-name awareness in the industry. This makes it tough for him to actually reach a wider audience to gain more clients.

However, Mr Ng stays optimistic and uses his resourcefulness to overcome these challenges. Rather than work solely for profit, Mr Ng intends to build up his client base by emanating sincerity to his clients. Mr Ng states that he believes in “action not words”, as he takes an active approach in marketing his company with demonstrations. Combining a sincere personal touch and an active approach in marketing, Mr Ng forged forward through his challenges.

Furthermore, Mr Ng constantly seeks to improve the general skill level of his employees. For example, he will soon begin sending his employees to learn skills in CPR so that his security personnel will be able to react to unforeseen circumstances. In addition, his employees also started weekly WSQ courses, in areas such as counter-terrorism, close quarter combat tactics, and so on.

“Whatever you promise, you deliver, don’t give empty promises”, this is the motto that Mr Ng stands by. He believes that an entrepreneur must be able to do their jobs well and be able to fulfill what they promised to their customers. This fundamental belief is the major driving force that makes AcePro Security Consultancy a trustworthy brand to its clients.

When asked what motivates and inspires him, Mr Ng confidently says, “Entrepreneurship is a personal challenge”. Moreover, this sense of self-assurance is backed up by actual real-life experience, as Mr Ng mentioned that success in the public sector gave him the necessary confidence to venture forth into becoming an entrepreneur.

Mr Ng says, “You must have passion in what you want to do”. This, according to Mr Ng, is the only way that will guarantee a person’s success. His advice for up and coming entrepreneurs is that they must “always treat their staff as a company asset and never ignore their complaints”. With regards to actual day-to-day business operations, Mr Ng says, “follow the law and stay within the legal framework”. This respect for the law, genuine passion for the security industry, and staff welfare, makes Mr Ng’s AcePro Security Consultancy a truly principled and customer-oriented company.

Contact Details:
33 Ubi Ave 3 Vertex Tower A
#05 -61 S(408868)
T| 6509 5088
F| 6509 5089

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