Sanford Human Resource Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Lam Feung Leong

People always say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but has anyone actually turned over? Many people do not find the courage in themselves to get out of their comfort zone, in search of greater derivations. This lack of tendency will be an impediment to many, as a stumbling block to success. Success as it seems, is only procured through courage, the quality of having the ability to try and generate opportunities towards success.

Sanford Human Resources is a company, which prospered to success due to its intrepid and audacious leader. The name, Sanford; symbolizes “Triple Fortune” in Chinese. Sanford Human Resources was initiated in 1992, by Mr Lam Fueng Leong. The company specializes in proffering manpower to the precision engineering industry, locally and from countries such as China and India. “We also do have offices in China and India to outsourced these manpower.” Mr Lam stated. Mr Lam then rejoined: “We also possess clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries worldwide.”

Mr Lam did not delve into an entrepreneurship at the start. “I am trained in IT (Information Technology)” Mr Lam divulged. “Unfortunately, the IT industry is continuously changing and upgrading. It’s hard to compete with the younger generation.” Wanting to partake in a more beneficial industry, Mr Lam was resolute to start his own entrepreneurship. “I wanted to start my own business, as I thought it is better as it changes at a slower pace.” Mr Lam elucidated. Mr Lam then began listing down the reasons he chose to start his entrepreneurship in this particular industry. “Singapore is a service industry hub, and I see potential in this industry as the market needs it.” Mr Lam also added: “As money was an issue starting a business, the service industry is an ideal starting point as it requires a lower capital compared to the manufacturing sector.” Things were already decided for these two succeeding entrepreneurs.

The human resource industry is like a jigsaw puzzle. Only the right pieces would fit. Finding the right people for the right job is without doubt a taxing task. “We do not only look for the right worker for the client, but we also find the right job for the worker.” Mr Lam said emphatically. Mr Lam then replied: “Precision engineers; the main employees we outsource for companies, are hard to find as the demand is more than supply. They have to be highly skillful as well.” The start for Sanford Human Resource seems to be a bleak one. Nevertheless, things were not so lugubrious with such magnificent helmsmen at fore of the company. As Mr Lam expounded: “We have teams in China and India who are also specialized trained in these area. Through multiple experiences, trial and errors, we are confident enough.” Mr Lam also commented: “We also make frequent trips to every provinces, states in China and India to find the required talent we are looking for.”

Human resource seems to be a diversified industry, proffering a gamut of employees to a multitude of industrial sectors. Despite so, Sanford Human Resource is a company, which does things differently than others. “We specialize in serving the ‘Precision Engineering’ industry. Only that. This means that our workers are skilled and trained in that field before we outsource them to our clients.” Mr Lam shared. “Precision Engineering is a niche, an industry, which is exclusive.” Mr Lam added. Through entrepreneurship, Mr Lam had found his bastion, a place where he could share his perception and goals. “The ability to see our clients grow in Singapore and overseas, along with our outsourced talents being able to achieve and establish a career with the clients brings satisfaction to me. This really proves our success.” Mr Lam stated with pride. “We find the right candidate for the client to help them grow, we find careers for workers too. When they grow, we grow too.” Mr Lam continued.

Entrepreneurship might seem like a simple word. Nevertheless, there are infinite definitions to entrepreneurship in practicality. Still water runs deep. For Mr Lam, it is a lifestyle. “To me, it’s all about fulfillment. Reaching a level whereby you can maximize your talents and satisfaction from what you are capable of.” Mr Lam indicated. Mr Lam also said: “Entrepreneurship is also about responsibility. An entrepreneur must be answerable to his own failure, but if you can overcome it, it will be a success. It also allows you to form opportunities endlessly, for yourself, the society, and your company.”

So what qualities an entrepreneur needs in order to succeed? “I have to say, possessing the guts; the bravery to make great decisions is important to obtaining success.” Mr Lam mentioned. “For us, success comes by as we possessed the courage to commence the business, and create the opportunities, not faze by failure. As long as an entrepreneur is determined and patient enough, he should be able to see success.” Mr Lam then said: “To succeed, one must be able to reveal to his own mistakes. Mistakes are great learning points to start. He must also have a great viewpoint, being able to visualize what the market needs. Remember, opportunity doesn’t come by. You have to create it.”

The leader then divulged some expansion plans for Sanford Human Resources: “Yes, we do have expansion plans for the company. We are planning to expand our business to a vaster part of the world, such as Europe, and the United States.” Mr Lam explicated. Said Mr Lam: “We are going to bring in more talents, and hopefully this would benefit Singapore wholly.”

Without doubt, the search for greener pastures allowed both Mr Lam to acquire success. Today, Sanford Human Resources stands strong with 14 employees at its hilt. It is an cinch, for such a prospective company to proliferate and attain greater accolades and plaudits in the years to come.

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Thong Chai Building S(169874)
T| 6738 0741
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