Trinity Idee Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Ms. May Yew
Mr. Kuan Ming Jun

While others simply talk about implementing fantasy into actual reality, Trinity Idee truly embodies the ethos of making one’s dreams into reality.

The company currently has two directors to oversee the one-stop station for anything and everything related to utilizing spaces wisely. Trinity Idee is a company that offers a wide range of services, such as, space planning, commercial renovation, home renovation, interior design, and many more.

Truly an all-in–one company that specializes in a wide array of services, the directors mentioned that it is their keen interest in the industry that has kept them going. It was because of her decision to merge desire for more freedom in her career with her interest that May first decided to take the step into entrepreneurship. She mentioned that she had wanted to go into the world of business since a very tender age. As such, it was only natural that Trinity Idee came into fruition when she decided that it was time for her to diversify. For Ming Jun, the decision to go into business came after working in the industry for thirteen years. He added that he felt ready to go into the world of business only after gaining a firm understanding of the industry.

May said she “gains job satisfaction from seeing the positive reactions of customers”, while Ming Jun nodded approvingly. Both partners agree that a company’s main focus must be on customer satisfaction. This stems from the fact that those at the company see their job satisfaction to be inextricably linked to seeing their customers’ delight after a job well done.

Since its inception, Trinity Idee has been garnering favorable reviews from customers, and they continue to offer their services with pride because of all the encouragement and kind words from their customers. Evidently, this is a company that not only provides superior services; it does so with a heart. Trinity’s Idee’s customer-centric methodology is what makes the company stand out in the industry. In addition, it is the company’s ethos and belief that customer’s satisfaction is more important than any monetary incentive.

Those at Trinity Idee embody the idea that everybody’s points of view are constantly changing, and there is no end to learning. Clearly, this is the spirit behind the company, as it is their belief system that one can never stop learning that Trinity Idee is a progressive company that constantly seeks to look forward and improve on their services and products.

Both directors agreed that family and friends are their biggest motivation in life. May said that, “without their support, we will not be where we are at right now, and that we will not be able to muster enough courage to set up our own business”. In addition, they talked about how everyone at Trinity Idee sees their workplace more as their flesh and blood rather than work. The very fact that everyone chooses to see their company as a “kin” shows that they are truly devoted to this cause, and it symbolizes something that transcends all monetary incentives.

The origins of the name “Trinity” derives from a belief in “service, value, and creativity”. It is only when a company personifies all three traits, that a company will become a perfect whole as there is a union and marriage of these three traits.

“Dare to dream, but one must always possess the knowledge and skills required for entrepreneurship”, that is the ethos of Trinity Idee. A person must be one part idealist and one part pragmatist. Hence, one must always aspire to dream big, however, neglecting the practical aspects of life will reduce any dream into a mere pipe dream that can never be realized.

It is more than apparent that everyone at Trinity Idee work together seamlessly, this is because all of them share the same vision of providing quality service for their customers. Therefore, it is almost like clockwork that success came knocking on the door. By uniting personal principle and practical applications to perfection, it will not be a misnomer to associate Trinity Idee as a testament of well-deserved success.

Contact Details:
16 Jalan Tampang S(758960)
T| 6759 1554

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