System Automation Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Simon Ong

Founded in 2002, System Automation is an expertise agent of Pnuematic and Hydraulic components. On top of that, the company’s distribution network offers a wide coverage of services and technical support within the Asia Pacific area. System Automation provides myriads of services, such as, providing automated doors in buses, system integration, overseeing control and electrical panels, and many others.

Armed with actual real-life experience in the industry for twenty-five years, it seems almost natural to transit from the position of the employee to employer. The twenty-five years of experience serves as the perfect classroom for eventual entrepreneurship.

One of the initial challenges faced by the company is building up a client base of their own. Mr Ong mentioned that gaining a customer’s trust is one of the most difficult tasks in building a business. In order to overcome the challenge of building up a client base, Mr Ong had to come up with more creative and innovative ways to attract potential customers. One of the methods includes customized and tailor-made services for clients, this helps provide a personal touch for his clients. By actually offering customers a more personalized approach, customers will be able to walk away feeling more fulfilled because their own unique requests are all met.

Mr Ong mentioned that one of his proudest business achievements to date is the company moving into providing services for residential use. It should also be emphasized that System Automation is working with a manpower of six. This clearly highlights the amount of talent in the company, as it proves that it is not the size of the talent pool, but the actual talent, that is important for progress. He is extremely proud of this because it signals the company moving into truly unfamiliar territory. The ability to succeed in uncharted territory reflects the company’s adaptability and resourcefulness.

“Don’t believe that your success in the past will help you in the present”, was what Mr Ong said when asked about the spirit of entrepreneurship. The quote reflects Mr Ong’s willingness to constantly look forward, rather than dwell on the past. This has certainly brought about success, as System Automation is the distributor of the largest pneumatic manufacturer in Korea. In addition, they also offer a wide variety of other services, as the company also produces and sells pneumatic components, devices and factory automation systems. The myriad of services offered reflects the diverse nature of the company.

Another important mantra to live by, according to Mr Ong is, “don’t ever become complacent”. This mantra will actually keep people’s egos in check, because Mr Ong suggested that it is natural for people to be complacent as soon as they achieve some form of success. Mr Ong mentioned that it is of utmost importance to be humble and levelheaded in the world of business.

Mr Ong is very passionate and vocal about helping younger people break into the world of business. This is clearly evident when he was asked about the different qualities that a successful entrepreneur must have. He passionately said, “Don’t be afraid of failure”, “Don’t start too late” and “Even if you may not be successful, you have to at least give it a try”. These short but to-the-point sentences are what will guide the potential entrepreneur into becoming eventual stories of success.

Evidently, it is through sheer determination and the will to succeed that System Automation has reaped the reward of their hard work. Clearly, the road to success is definitely not an easy feat, and it reflects System Automations’ true talent and dedication, as they have clearly emerged successful in their chosen arena. This will go on to serve the company well, and see the company soar to greater heights in the foreseeable future.

Contact Details:
3 Toa Payoh Lorong 8 #01-1377
Toa Payoh Industrial Park S(319055)
T| 6252 4624

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