CYS Credit Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ben Chew

CYS Credit is a licensed money-lending company that seeks to provide financial assistance for people in need. They also provide a wide range of loan plans to suit the needs of their customers.

Mr Chew started his company in 2008 with a dream of being his own boss. He mentioned that owning his own business would bring a higher salary. The increase in salary will then enable him to better provide for his family. He said that the challenge in owning his own business is that he has to constantly stay abreast of the times. However, Mr Chew emphasized that he enjoys every single minute of the challenge.

Having had the experience of being in the industry, Mr Chew is no novice. Therefore, he was able to implement ways to make his company stand out in the industry. In order to give a sense of legitimacy to his business, Mr Chew ensures that there are strict guidelines in place, so that only eligible customers can apply for loans with the company. This will ensure that customers actually borrow within their means, and apply for a loan that they will most likely be able to repay. This will show potential customers that his money-lending company has a strict system that follows certain rules and regulations.

Mr Chew said, “it was from a small company that this became a much bigger company that you see now”. This stand as one of Mr Chew’s proudest business achievements to date, as it indicated that his hard work did not go to waste. Always placing his customers at the forefront, Mr Chew said that it makes him feel proud that he has received much fewer complains over the years.

When asked about the origins behind the company name, Mr Chew mentioned that CYS is his initials. The reason for naming his company using his initials is because the ability to create his own business stands as a crowning achievement in his life.

“Setting a good example to both employees and clients”, was what Mr Chew said when asked about his understanding of entrepreneurship. It is only by being a role model, a person that everyone can look up to, that a business can be ethical and principled. Hence, it goes to show that it is only by having a clear moral compass that Mr Chew’s company is able to gain a reputation of being a reliable licensed money-lending organization.

“If you want to join this industry you must abide by the law and be morally upright”, Mr Chew said. Sounds like a simple advice, but many a times, the simplest things are the hardest to achieve. However, nothing is impossible if one strives hard enough.

According to Mr Chew, the journey of entrepreneurship is one that is filled with a high amount of stress; however, one must never be defeated by this. This is because one can choose to see stress not as an obstacle, but as a challenge that will help one grow to become a better and more mature person. Moreover, a person can choose to see life as a state of constant learning, as such, he or she will be able to accept the ups and downs in life as a chance to acquire further knowledge.

Clearly, with these important life philosophies, Mr Chew shows that this is not only a business to him, this is because business is a part of life that acts as a classroom for higher learning. Entrepreneurship is where an individual can learn and be molded to become a better person. As such, it is only right that success comes Mr Chew’s way, as he is being rewarded both for excellence in service and also for being ethical at what he does.

Contact Details:
5001 Beach Road #03-32A
Golden Mile Complex S(199588)
T| 6396 3563
F| 6396 0190

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