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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kenji Wakabayashi

Studying has lost its tenors in modern times. Many pupils in Singapore have the misconception of studying. To many, studying is deemed as memorizing and applying. Unfortunately, the definition to studying isn’t that shallow. Studying is intuitive; it is sentient, perceptible. Studying could derive a self-driven force, allowing students to seek more leverage in their studies. Studying is the process of learning and applying.

“Even if you could remember the names of famous people or the dates of historical events by heart, it does not mean that you could understand history. Similarly, if you could solve Mathematical problems by using roots, it does not mean that you could understand quadratic equation.” These are the words of Dr Hideo Sakamoto, the founder of the Sakamoto Method; an omnipotent educational method which could solve any kind of Mathematical sums. The Sakamoto Method is a specialized; custom fit educational system suitable for any curriculum. Honed and refined by a dedicated group of specialist to ensure maximum efficiency, students would find themselves fathoming the Sakamoto Method in a cinch. The Sakamoto Method has been purveyed over 7 countries and more than 157,000 students had benefited from it since its formation in 1975 in Japan.

The Sakamoto Method arrived on our shores 17 years ago in 1994, catering much needed aid to students ranging from kindergarten to primary levels of education. Mr Kenji, the managing director of Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd ruminated: “Back in Japan, in order to admit into the Sakamoto Organization, one needs to solve a set of primary school mathematics sums but not allowed to use equation. Embarrassingly, I could not solve any question at that time. After learning the Sakamoto Method, I began to realize how powerful it really is.” Mr Kenji then continued: “Our founder of the method, Dr Hideo Sakamoto, decided to spread the method to the world. We chose Singapore as it’s a country that puts a lot of emphasis on education and it’s a regional hub for the South-East Asia region.” Mr Kenji elucidated on why Singapore is the ideal location to propagate The Sakamoto Method.

Thus, Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd is formed. Situated in a building along Hougang Avenue 6, Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd was confronted with a dire start. Despite how efficacious The Sakamoto Method is, it was a name unknown to many local Singaporeans. Mr Kenji mused upon: “We did not even have a single students when we first took off. We distributed flyers across the whole of the Hougang neighborhood, but it didn’t work. Thankfully, one of our staffs managed to get a parent to let her son enroll for my class.” Without any shadow of doubt, the student did well in his examinations thanks to The Sakamoto Method. “Many Singaporean teachers find The Sakamoto Method peculiar and they did not recognize the method as accurate, despite students are able to derive at the correct answer using The Sakamoto Method.” Mr Kenji added on. To resolve this issue, Mr Kenji personally visited most of the primary schools in Singapore and presented The Sakamoto Method to the teachers and principals. They were left in awe to see how potent The Sakamoto Method is, and began acknowledging it.

With such an anomalous and effectual teaching method, Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd is in a world of its own; with no competitors matching their threshold. “What is so powerful about The Sakamoto Method is its results. It is so effective and so unique; in Japan, we have a 100% passing on all students taught with The Sakamoto Method.” Mr Kenji expounded with delectation. It’s a prerogative for Mr Kenji to be feel jocular, as had attained a dream upheld by many entrepreneurs: Success. With more than 2000 students having registered with Sakamoto Educational Systems, the company has came far from its start of just nought in the enrollment. “It is really satisfying to see how much The Sakamoto Method has helped our students. Our students are able to perform magnificently in the annual Mathematics competition; despite it gets harder and harder each year. We believe it means that our students are getting better and smarter progressively.” Mr Kenji divulged.

“To me, entrepreneurship is the spirit to test out; to test yourself. Life is very short, so if I can achieve something noble in this lifetime, it will be very meaningful.” a perspicacious Mr Kenji stated. “Being in the educational line, means that it’s my responsibility to serve students by helping them to get good grades. So for me, entrepreneurship is a way to contribute to the society,” Mr Kenji then went on to comment upon his spur in running Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd: “Our students, of course.” Mr Kenji said assertively, “To me, being able to help them is my greatest spur. Whenever our students get good grades in their examinations, it gives me an energy to do better and greater.”

If you are passionate about what it is you do, and then you are going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it. “I believe if an entrepreneur has the passion and dream, he would succeed one day. Without the passion, an entrepreneur would not be able to strive hard for success. Entrepreneurship is indeed very tough, but if an entrepreneur never gives up no matter how hard it is, he would eventually succeed.” Mr Kenji reflected on the makings of a successful entrepreneur. Mr Kenji proceeded to advocate young people wanting to start their own business: “Since you are young, believe in what you believe. Ignore the bad influence or unsupportive comments and go all the way.”

Mr Kenji then shared some plans on expansion for Sakamoto Educational Systems: “We like to expand into more countries in Asia and Oceania, such as China, India, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of students and we hope that The Sakamoto Method will one day be a standard in the education systems in the Asia region.”

What Sakamoto Education Systems Pte Ltd proffers is not just an educational perk; it is a way of life. The Sakamoto Method is a life changing experience; exhibiting to students that studying is not shallow, but instead, still water runs deep. Learning and applying; the ability to understand in great depth by grasping the essence of things would certainly give pleasure and satisfaction to the children. This will therefore enhance the children’s desire to learn.

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Sembawang Centre – 6483 2760
Yishun Centre – 6852 3373
Choa Chu Kang Centre – 6892 8341
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Toa Payoh Centre – 6253 1217
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