Loud Concept Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Ng

Offering designer and specially customized furniture, Loud Concept aims to always provide quality products for its customers.

The desire to provide more people with quality furniture was what prompted Mr Ng to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. On top of that Mr Ng mentioned that he has always had an interest in becoming his own boss. The fusion of these two reasons serves as major motivations for the founding of Loud Concept.

Being in the industry for thirty-five years, Mr Ng is no novice. On top of actual experience in the industry, Mr Ng is also highly interested in the area of furniture. He further mentioned that he has been in the industry since the very beginning, and can be said to be a true pioneer among his peers.

In order to stand apart in this industry, Mr Ng mentioned that he always attempts to be innovative in his designs so as to stay fresh and contemporary in the market. It should be highlighted that Mr Ng takes it upon himself to design his own line of furniture, always creating something that cannot be found in any other shops. Seeing all his customers as unique individuals each possessing their own taste in design, Mr Ng also offers the opportunity for customers to design their own furniture according to their likings. Never one to forget the importance of quality, Loud Concept offers high quality fabrics on top of the solid wood that is already offered.

One of the major challenges in the industry is the price war due to mass-market products. In order to combat this problem, Loud Concepts has a deal with a partner factory overseas to produce quality products at a lower cost for its customers. When asked about plans for expansions, Mr Ng revealed that he hopes to open chain stores around the island.

“A person gains more knowledge as time passes”, says Mr Ng. He takes a keen approach in life-long learning as he sees every obstacle in his life as opportunities for him to grow. He says that his journey as an entrepreneur has not only made him successful, but has also taught him many important life lessons.

Mr Ng is a big advocate for self-motivation and self-inspiration. It is his strong belief that people should actually think positively and set good intentions in their lives so as to achieve success. It is only by self-help that people will be able to rise above any distractions or challenges that come their way. In addition, a genuine passion for design is of absolute importance in the industry. This is because, with passion, one is not really working, but enjoying every single second of the process.

“Loud” has always been what Mr Ng had in mind when envisioning his company. Mr Ng mentioned that he aims to make his furniture striking and outstanding, that way; he will be able to attract his targeted crowd of those within the age of 28 to 40. Furthermore, Mr Ng said that young couples with a more mature and sophisticated taste in home design tend to prefer the range of furniture offered by his company.

Mr Ng emphasized that quality workmanship, unique designing, and customer-centric services are key qualities for success in his industry. It is by embodying these qualities and utilizing them in work, that a business can take flight because the products stand as testament to a company’s true abilities. A business may start small, but by constantly producing quality products, people will start flocking in by word-of-mouth.

“To have passion and interest in what you want to do in life” was what Mr Ng said when asked about his advice for potential entrepreneurs. Mr Ng’s genuine passion in the area of furniture designing, coupled with savvy marketing and a customer-oriented approach, have made his company into a go-to hub for astute customers who desire unique and quality furniture.

Contact Details:
28 Sin Ming Lane #01-136
Midview City S(573972)
T| 9003 3388
E| steven118@loudconcept.com.sg

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