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Website: www.quadwork.com

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Edmund Khoo
Mr. Neo Hwee Tiat

With the rise in the standard of living in Singapore, more and more homeowners are seeking to add a tasteful edge to their living surroundings, with many looking to interior design firms to help create their dream home. One up-and-coming design firm, Quadwork Pte Ltd, provides an all-in-one design and build service for their clients, aiming to leave a lasting impression on their clients through their designs and services.

Established by Mr. Edmond Khoo and Mr. Neo Hwee Tiat in 2011, Quadwork offers a suite of services such as architectural and interior design, space planning, additions and alternations, as well as visualization of their designs for their clients. The visualizations include the artist’s impressions, interactive 3D drawings, panoramic visuals, animations and more. In addition, they also provide professional support services such as building regulatory submissions, master planning and urban design, project planning and management, as well as design competition production. Their flexibility and range has since attracted clients, big or small, to utilize their services.

Interestingly, Mr. Khoo and Mr. Neo were previously practicing on architecture solely, majoring in architecture in the National University of Singapore, they foresaw the close assimilation of architecture and interior design. With the quality of their designs and services, both founders gradually started to build up a client base, and the idea of starting an architecture and interior design integrated firm occurred to them. Subsequently, as Quadwork won the SPRING Young Entrepreneurs Scheme Grant, an initiative of the NUS Enterprise Incubation, this gave them all the necessary resources to establish Quadwork Pte Ltd.

With countless interior design firms in Singapore, both Mr. Khoo and Mr. Neo are aware that the real work has only just begun. Knowing that they have to innovate and stay competitive in their designs and not just their service, Quadwork begun taking on various projects, big and small, including a 4 storey industrial building in Gul Avenue and 5 Benoi Place, as well as a ramp-up building with over 7000 square feet every floor. With their architecture background, both founders also begun taking on projects of significant scale, as well as expanding services to include project management in industrial construction. Their portfolio now includes projects such as the interior designs of the Automobile Megamart Showroom, Pioneer Seafood and many residential apartments, visualizations for Northview Bizhub, Northspring Bizhub, as well as various architecture credits for industrial and commercial buildings.

As a young entrepreneurs, both Mr. Khoo and Mr. Neo know well the trials and challenges they need to endure before achieving results, and the ways to overcome them. Looking back on his journey, Mr. Khoo has this to say, “It was really a leap of commitment at the time. Compared to working as an employee, an entrepreneur has many aspects to manage and address. They need to implement a business model that makes economical sense, where sustainability is the key business principal to eventual success.”

With their experience, both founders have the following advice for young entrepreneurs. “They have to really stay humble. A lot of times, it can be difficult to focus due to the difficulties, but they have to continue fighting and be willing to take risks. Because in the working world, there will always be dismay during downtimes, but they will have to persevere on.” They also further add, “Work smart and be constantly innovative. Be it product or process, find the niche element in it, rather than doing what others have done. It will really distinguish yourself from the rest.”

By following their own advice, Quadwork has achieved an impressive portfolio within a short span of two years. With this, the founders hopes to build on this success to achieve even greater things. Although they have received a few offers for regional projects, both Mr. Khoo and Mr. Neo aspires for Quadwork to establish itself more firmly in the competitive building industry in Singapore first, before going into the regional market. They plan to achieve this by taking more assignments in the residential and commercial section, including places like restaurants and classrooms, diversifying their portfolio in the process.

With a clear plan of action, and under leaders with passion for their craft, there is little doubt that Quadwork will continue to accumulate prestige in the interior and building design industry for the years to come.

Contact Details:
1085 Eunos Avenue 7A #03-58
Eunos Industrial Estate S(409535)
T| 6779 7153
E| edmond@quadwork.com

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