Globe Bulk Services Private Limited

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Rafidi Amat
Mr. Hairul Azmi Haduri

Since the colonization period in Singapore, our country has been recognized for its strategic location in the Asian region. Now lauded as the world’s busiest port, the port of Singapore has been a cornerstone for our country for nearly two hundred years, with about a thousand ships in the port at any given moment. With the demand for marine services, one company, Globe Bulk Services Private Limited, has distinguished itself from other marine companies through their customized, impeccable service.

Privatised on 28th January 2010 by company directors, Mr. Rafidi Amat and Mr. Hairul Azmi Haduri, Globe Bulk Services Private Limited (GBS) was incorporated with the sole focus of meeting the challenging demands of the maritime industry. They extend their professional services to the shipping and marine communities, as ship agents, marine coordinators, ship brokers and providing general marine services. Since their establishment, Globe Bulk Services (GBS) has always strive to provide excellence and to make a difference in all projects and services entrusted to them by their clients, whether as a niche ship agent for the Singapore sand reclamation projects or as a broker and marine coordinator for the ever-challenging offshore marine industry.

Rafidi and Hairul both share the same dream and aspirations to set up their own company together. However, their first attempt was not too successful. Rafidi told us the reason why, “There was simply not enough support from our network, internally and externally.” Hairul reminisced, “We did not have a good enough network, and little brand name awareness. We did not have enough experience at managing a company, and we didn’t have the right ‘recipe’. We were good in shipping, but not so much in trading.”

They pick themselves up, did their reflections and continue their journey in the maritime industry at the same time gaining extensive experience and knowledge. Undeterred by the unsuccessful attempt, Rafidi and Hairul tried again. This time they strengthen their internal and external networks by putting together a more synergized team and reaching out to their overseas networks. They coined their motto ‘Growing Beyond Success’ and as Rafidi explains, “It fits the conviction of our company.”

To counter the difficulties faced by their first business, Rafidi and Hairul decided to make shipping the company’s main focus, forming the company’s core competencies. And through some trusted relatives and close friends, both founders also began putting some hard work into building up their business from scratch. In addition, they also introduced customization for their services. Hairul explained, “In the maritime industry, due to companies having very busy schedules, hectic workload and constantly facing challenging operational situations, there is the tendency for them to simply standardize their services. However, being what we are with the things we have seen, we understand our clients’ needs, and cater specifically to what they want through customization.”

It worked. Projects begun pouring in for Globe Bulk Services (GBS), and today, in addition to the current projects in Singapore, they have also opened a branch office in the Philippines, named Globe Bulk Services Philippines Corp, signaling their intent to take their company toward the regional areas.

Having first experienced failure, then success on the business front, both Rafidi and Hairul look back on their entrepreneurial journey with a new understanding of business. Hairul said, “Being in business, you have to build your own strength. Focus on what you are good at, and study to improve it through knowledge, experience, and exposure.” Rafidi believes in certain risk-takings. “We have to be bold, and take risks at appropriate moments. We should stand alone at times, and have belief that things can be better in one way or another and we will make the difference.”

Both founders have strong beliefs on one point: to always treat customers with sincerity and respect. Rafidi says, “Business ethics are very important. We must always treat our customers and all stakeholders with respect. Listen to what they really want to tell you with patience. In the service industry, relationships are very important, so for us, we make sure we be as transparent in our dealings as much as possible, which includes sending fast updates and visual reports to our customers.”

The founders have great things planned for Globe Bulk Services (GBS). They plan to go back into the chartering and trading aspect of the maritime industry, seeing as good opportunities are becoming easier to find. In addition, they plan to open up more South East Asian offices sometime in the future, slowly building up their network overseas, in the hope that Globe Bulk Services (GBS) will grow to be recognized in the international market. With their dedication and commitment, Rafidi and Hairul will certainly do their utmost to bring Globe Bulk Services (GBS) into the brightest period in its history.

Contact Details:
78A Tanjong Pagar Road S(088499)
T| 6225 0782 / 8180 9978
F| 6225 0381

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