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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kenny Tan

The advancement of social media and communication technologies has led to an unprecedented level of information awareness. And with competition in various industries getting more and more competitive, many companies look to utilize this information boom, and get an edge over their competitors by organizing marketing and advertising campaigns. This is where advertising companies like Sabrefox Pte Ltd can step in to help.

Established in 2006 by Mr. Kenny Tan, Sabrefox provides a suite of advertising services aimed at helping their client companies set themselves from the rest. With their expertise on communication strategies, their services include advertising creation and design, brand identity development, marketing collateral design and production, media buying services, and more. Sabrefox makes extensive use of interactive media, allowing their clients to reap the benefits with animation, websites, and even business apps. They are currently one of the few agencies capable of providing fully synchronized cross-channel marketing solutions.

It all started with Kenny’s other company, Keans Technology, which he started in 2005. An application research and development company, they specialize in the Human-Computer Interface (HCI) for enhanced user experience in business solutions software. But as the demands for design services begin streaming in, Kenny was inspired to start another advertising firm, to compliment Keans Technology as a partner company.

It should be noted though, that Sabrefox was not Kenny’s first venture into creative advertising. Previously studying graphic design in the Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts, Kenny actually went on to take marketing courses in the US, but ultimately found it too competitive as a career. Moving onto computer science, it seems his creative interest has caught up to him once more, resulting in the creation of Sabrefox.

With the establishment of Sabrefox, the next step for Kenny was to set up his infrastructure and gathering his creative team. Both proved to be a challenge. “Although labor was easy to find, the demand for foreigners has heated up. Everyone is trying to get the right people, but getting the right people with the right skills is harder.” In addition, Kenny also recognized the uncertainty in which Sabrefox was situated in. “In advertising, it goes with the trends. We rely on the projected decided by the retailers and companies.”

Amidst the uncertainty of a new company, Kenny was determined to make it work. Armed with confidence that he also imbued in his staff members, Kenny and team were committed and driven in their work, resulting in undeniable quality that dispelled any notion of uncertainty. Their first project they took on was the Passion Card Membership program, initiated by the People’s Association in 2008, which they designed the card, planned and executed the event, as well as producing promotion collaterals and websites.

Today, Sabrefox has amassed an impressive portfolio, with their clients including Adiwarna’s Jackie, Borden’s Eagle brand, Imperial Tobacco’s Davidoff, Philips Electronics’s Avent, property developers and more. But for Kenny, the greatest achievement was watching his company philosophy and team take shape. “One major goal and passion of mine is to break down the barriers, making creative innovation a discipline of ours.” Kenny said, “We strive to be the leaders and pioneers of the industry, as they are all supported by the most dedicated teams.”

With his success, Kenny looks back on the entrepreneurial journey he has made. He shares with us some secrets of his success. “Accept diversity. For me it was about bringing in individual differences of different backgrounds into the same environment. This helped to create different ideas, helping to cultivate one big, strong idea on its own.” In addition, Kenny believes in making his words “work”. “A lot of people, when they say something, they don’t actually do it.” He said. “We strive not to be like that. We keep our promises, but we make sure not to overpromise. We set up a reasonable destination, then we embark on this journey with determination.”

With their success, Kenny is determined to achieve more with his team and company. Other than hiring more manpower should the need arise, Sabrefox have recently expanded overseas, having started a Malaysia office in September. They are planning to capture the market in Malaysian cities. Depending on the success of this expansion, Sabrefox also has plans to establish operations in China, another big expansion toward establishing their brand name regionally. With Kenny’s expertise, ambition, and determination leading the company forward, Sabrefox is definitely looking to a bright future ahead.

Contact Details:
3 Kallang Way 2A L4
Fong Tat Building S(347493)
T| 6841 5537
F| 6744 8170

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