Influx Furnishing LLP

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Elisabeth Chan

Generous influx of exquisite, stylish and premium window shades, adjunct to sheer professionalism and unparalleled differentiated personalized services is what you can always expect from Influx Furnishing.

Incorporated in the year 2010, the founder, Ms Elizabeth Chan has triumphantly establish a strong portfolio and a vast assemblage of clients in fine feather, one at a time, mainly through words-of-mouth and is now the preferred one-stop solution provider for curtains, wall coverings, window films and carpet to many incessant ones.

Having to grow up in a family who runs a business in curtains production, Elizabeth has developed profound interest in design and passion in curtains over the years. “Having the advantage to be involve in this industry since knee-high as a grasshopper is certainly a foothold for me to gain lavish product knowledge and confidence in what I am dealing with now. Undoubtedly, it is also a prerogative for me to be in the driver’s seat down to the supervision on the production of the end product”, she elaborates. It’s gratifying to be one of the few companies that not only produce in-house designed curtains but also to provide direct factory price as well, Elizabeth added.

In for a penny, in for a pound. With more than two years of experiences in the curtain industry back then, along with the succour of her family, Elizabeth inclines to take on entrepreneurship as an ascendancy to provide each and every client with unconditional and categorical kind of services and products. “Besides providing top-notch quality products, we need to truly understand what clients exactly want to make sure that we deliver their desirable end product and result so that they need not change a thing in future”, she added.

To protect clients’ interest is our responsibilities, says Elizabeth. “As much as we can, we will educate every single customer of us on the product knowledge of our curtains in order to let them make the right choice for their ideal curtains and have them understand what they are exactly paying for.”

Elizabeth elaborates, “we all want the best option for the best value of our hard earned dollar, whether it is for their home or workplace. This is where Influx Furnishing can help take off some of the stress away.” Not to worry if you are bewildered by the overwhelming choices of curtains as their stylist will provide you with professional advice on providing a room colour, texture & cohesion with window and walls. “With only the top quality and workmanship delivered, we help to create the ambience our clients’ desire both for their home and or office”, added Elizabeth.

There are many policies and few principles. Policies will change, principles never do. Building a credulous patronymic base on honesty and integrity, Elizabeth opt to pick up the tab to offer customers with the finest selections with a reduced profit margin instead of compromising on the quality to match their budget so as to provide clients with unrivalled end product and furnishings. “Being honest in our business dealing and timely deliver what we promise with integrity are the two core idiosyncrasy we always practise and the is one of our key traits we base on to fabricate long term business relationships and certainly is the big alms that contribute to our referral sales, in leaps and bounds”, she accentuate.

Having her emphasis being recognized, Elizabeth is invited by the developer of Canberra Residence, an iconic condominium in Sembawang estate to conduct talks to educate its buyers on curtains furnishing and this has been a feather in one’s cap that she takes pride in achieving. With the affirmative responses, this exposure has inspired her with plans to create more of such in-house events to provide clients with more bangs in a buck through knowledge sharing.

“You can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary; impossible”, says Elizabeth. On the crest of the wave, Elizabeth now has plans to acquire a bigger showroom as well as to groom a bigger team in this near future to provide client with bigger, better products and services. With quality as their ability, Elizabeth will continue to uphold the blue-chip standards and furnish more awe-inspiring projects with utmost creed passion and betterment.

Contact Details:
59 Ubi Avenue 1 #07-20
Bizlink Centre S(408938)
T| 6842 7989
F| 6842 7912

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