Roxwell Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Victor Tan

Vision is perhaps our greatest strength. It has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries; it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown. With a superlative vision, an entrepreneur would be able to seek into depths of the unknown, innovating success in the process. Mr Victor Tan possessed a vision to redefine the MICE industry; abbreviated for meetings, incentive travels, conference and exhibition. In 1996, Mr Tan decided to embark on his own entrepreneurship; little did Mr Tan know that his vision would proffer imminent success for himself.

“Personally, I feel that there’s a need for this industry to be serviced by passionate souls that are professionals, and innovators.” Mr Tan interpreted his thoughts, upon his yearnings to join the MICE industry. “I want to make a change, and revolutionize this industry.” The result of his vision is Roxwell Pte Ltd, a company that specializes in the MICE industry, under the fore of Mr Tan. Nonetheless, it was a tall order to revolutionize the trade, as Mr Tan elucidates: “The MICE industry is one that requires great people and skill sets. A defining portfolio is also needed to feature our capabilities.”

Initiating such a demanding industry is without doubt laborious, without the possession of a portfolio, and industry experience, Roxwell Pte Ltd was met with problems such as staffing issues, and the lack of integral skill sets. “Workers often walked out on the job when it was too tough for them.” Mr Tan commented. Nevertheless, Mr Tan chose not to languish. Instead, Mr Tan was determined to resolve these hitches. “I understand how tough this line of work is, so I do not hesitate to give a helping hand to my employees.” Mr Tan divulged that he doubles as a member of the staff occasionally.

With such a supreme leader at helm, the team at Roxwell Pte Ltd chose not to throw in the towel, and began extricating from these problems by eagerly learning and experimenting. “Roxwell focuses upon the training of our team. With a strong, diligent team, we are able to ward off any competitors trying to undermine us.” Mr Tan said. “We see innovation as an important criteria in this trade. We always try to be different, showing our flairs in the creativity aspect, along with innovations. At the same time, we are always open to constructive comments to improve ourselves. Our team always perseveres and has the patience to resolve problems. I see this as the core qualities to why our team is able to serve well.”

Bad organizations copy, good organizations creates, great organization transcend. In the end, customers only focus on what Roxwell is able to offer. With such a proficient team on the front line, it is an cinch for plaudits to naturally come towards Roxwell Pte Ltd. “It is remarkable for us, to have repeated customers for more than 5 years running, despite these projects are open to tender.” Mr Tan then explained how the support of the customers spurred the company on to attain sensational achievements, year after year: “It’s certainly great to have all these supportive customers. They often encourage us in our dullest moments, urging us that we can cope with any project, despite how tough it is.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about arming yourself with an inquisitive mind to explore and learn, the initiative to go off the beaten track. It is also a good camera, to snap those moments that you can laugh at yourself, while learning from your humility.” Mr Tan gave an insightful definition to entrepreneurship. “In an entrepreneurship, you also have a chance to find companions for the journey, and eventually, be a guide for your company towards success.”

Mr Tan went on to remark the qualities he sees in a successful entrepreneur: “A great entrepreneur must have the passion, the energy to sustain despite how hard things are. Most importantly, I think that what makes a successful entrepreneur is his or her humbleness and desire to serve.” Mr Tan also revealed: “I would also like to thank my father. He has been my perpetual inspiration and motivation.”

“Begin with the end in mind. Differentiate through your soul.” Mr Tan advocated young people wanting to start their own business.

As a supreme leader, Mr Tan does not sit on his laurels. With plans to expand overseas and into different sectors; expanding its customer base alongside, the future looks scintillating for Roxwell Pte Ltd.

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