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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Samuel Saw
Mr. Amos See Toh

Keep the surfaces where we take thousands of steps a day in our everyday life safe is the expertise of the team and this anti-slip solution for slippery surface has batting a thousands, and still counting and are appreciate by more and more users every single day.

Established in the year 2010, G-MES International, which initially represents Global and Marketing Enhancement Strategies, offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products and professional services for all walks of job functions, with floor safety solution and coating as one of their prime product. They are now a reputable Floor Safety Solution provider to many businesses and end users both locally and internationally.

Having his foot in the door now has come a long way for the two Founders; Mr. Samuel Saw and Mr. Amos See Toh. Being an employee isn’t smooth sailing for Samuel all the time. Ambitioned to design his own career since young, he decided to take on entrepreneurship when he has reached a stagnant stage where there is no more progression on his career path as an employee of higher management. Sharing a similar passion, each with their individual traits and qualities, both Samuel & Amos the aspiring Founders, hammer out a deal to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams as a team.

Having deep interest in innovation since young, both Founders have always been enthusiastic about advance technologies. Introduced by an associate in United States, they come in contact with the Floor Safety Technology Treatment system which is a niche state-of-art technology to Singapore then, though it has more been around for more than forty years of history in the United States. “It takes a lot more than just interest and passion to deal and specialize in neoteric innovation, says Samuel, “especially when it is something new to you as you need to have the patience adjunct to endurance to learn the rope and the keenness in constantly upgrading yourself with the product knowledge.”

Dipping into their savings, acquiring the initial set up investment fund is just but a first step to a bigger challenge. Apart from the initial lump sum they have to fork out, the Founders operate with their personal cash since day one and draw tiny or no wages in their first year of operations. “We acknowledge the risks in running a business such as chances of paying over the odd and or burn our fingers”, Samuel elaborates, “and it takes a lot of faith and determination to stay focused and clear headed, especially during those times when we have to leverage on overdraft services, and indisputably, this has been an effectual stage that enhance our stress management skills as much as discipline in finance management.”

Being a marketing centered team, both Founders believe that it is inevitable to invest in branding strategy to generate brand awareness, especially in their course of products and services, and receiving the funding from the government has been a great lift for them in this aspect, especially when advertising can cost an arm and a leg without proper strategic planning and execution.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Making their first mint, the team zoom their focus on the full service pledge of Floor Safety Works, and have earn the repute of one of the top vendor for the EASE Program & Home Improvement Program (HIP), a nationwide project program for our seniors’ welfare govern by Ministry of National Development & Housing and Development Board, where it is now the main building contractors who approach them as a key approved supplier for HDB. To have a lead in the pencil on proficiency, the team also leverage on machines to perform their task. “It is important to be upfront and honest to our all our users, and be transparent on the information about our products”, says Amos, “and this will always be one of our inalienable value and quality that we operate on in all our business dealings.”

Riding on the crest of wave, the team will continue to focus on Floor Safety for the next few years and bring the benefits to more end users and other industries where they have high concerns of safety. As much as to make it more approachable to consumers, the team will invest in expanding their labor force to explore more market potentials, focusing to work with their key customers as well, on top of Multinational Companies and provide every single one of them with the desired fullest safety essentials & supports.

Within a short span of two quality years, atop of just Anti Slip solution, project management and supplying of recreational and building materials, the team is right on course in expanding into other specific areas such as event planning, product distribution networking as well as property management in time to come. As a team who deem talent as an asset, the team will never take a lull in grooming more talents through professional training and guidance.

G-MES International has now set their focal point in benefiting more and more end users through cutting-edge innovation and solution, assuring their customers with a genuine taste of their corporate slogan; ‘Get & Make Everyone Smiles’

Contact Details:
280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
#09-44 Harvest@Woodlands S(757322)
T| 6659 6808
F| 6659 6807
E| infosales@gmesintl.com

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