Pamela Neo Management Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Pamela Neo

For every company, the management of resources and accounts is absolutely crucial. Directly connected to the company’s status, it is not something that should be handled lightly. Luckily, for those who may not have the expertise to handle such delicate matters, Pamela Neo Management Services, a business service provider, can step in to provide such business solutions.

Founded by Ms. Pamela Neo in 1991, Pamela Neo Management Services specializes in business services such as Payroll Management, Corporate Secretariat, Financial Management and Control, Insolvencies and more. Now with over 2000 local and international clients, she has recently diversified into serviced and secretarial services for overseas clients, a first step toward going international. In addition, she has provided internship placement for local universities and polytechnics. Over a hundred interns have gone through her training in a mutual benefitting arrangement, joining the company later as employees, or staying as business associates.

1991 is no doubt a life-changing year for Ms. Neo. That year, she withdrew from her previous company, and taking seven colleagues who are willing to fight with her, as well as using her industry connections, Ms. Neo used her English name to set up Pamela Neo Management Services. From seven employees in 1991, and only a hundred clients to their name, they have grown to have thirty people today, servicing 2000 clients over the world. She has also established related companies like Corporate Offshore Consultants Pte Ltd, Proserve Corporate Management Pte Ltd, PN Corporate Services Pte Ltd and Strategic Alliance Corporate Services Pte Ltd to streamline business operations and better serve our clients, both locally and internationally.

With over twenty years of experience, Ms. Neo has this to say. “It is my own confidence, faith, and hard work that made Pamela Neo Management what it is today.” A religious person, Ms. Neo is also grateful to God for giving her the blessing and strength to make it to where she is today. However, she emphasizes, if one wants to build up a business, one cannot simply rely on their own strength; they need to have trusted aides to help them on their journey.

For Ms. Neo, this person is Ms. Carole Boo, her personal assistant, and her friend. Ms. Boo has been at Pamela Neo Management for twenty three years, and when we asked her the secret to her career longevity, Ms. Boo tells us that, at that time, she just knew that, by following Ms. Neo, her career would be much stronger. Hence, for the past twenty years, their relationship has taken on many forms, from mentor-mentee, to partners, to surrogate sisters who are there for each other. Ms. Neo, to show her appreciation, has given some of the company’s shares to Ms. Boo, as well as some other long serving employees. They, in turn, show their loyalty to Ms. Neo and the company.
Happier staff = greater success as a growing enterprise. We felt the need to recognize our staff with attractive remuneration and benefits packages. Happier staff equals better retention, and in the long run, this reaps greater revenue and profits for the company.

One of Ms. Neo’s philosophies is that, rather than providing a hungry person with fish, it is better to teach the person how to fish. For the employees of Pamela Neo Management, they will have the chance to rise to the position of Manager. After that, if they continue to perform, they will have the chance to receive company’s shares. Ms. Neo candidly professes that she has no intention of turning the company into a family business, but rather she is motivated to find a successor within her employees. “Even if it is just a stone, I am determined to polish into a gem.” If any of her employees makes a mistake in their work, Ms. Neo, regardless of rank in the company, will personally handle the issue meticulously, ensuring that the mistake will not occur again.

As someone who has sustained a successful company for twenty three years, Mr. Neo is truly a veteran and role model for aspiring businessmen. When asked for advice for young entrepreneurs, Ms. Neo was sure of her answer. “You must stand with integrity. And always believe in yourself. With enough passion, drive, and aspiration, nothing can stop you.”

Stay humble, recognize that there are many things that you can learn and ways for you to develop – as long as you are willing to keep an open mind and have the right attitude.

For now, Ms. Neo’s work keeps her busy most times. “I find myself unable to slow down; there are many outstanding employees waiting to share in the success of the company.” With such motivation driving her forward, we have no doubt that Ms. Neo will continue to lead Pamela Neo Management Services with next higher milestone, and propel the company into an even brighter future ahead.

Contact Details:
10 Anson Road #27-08
International Plaza S(079903)
T| 6227 5442
F| 6227 6527

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