Swiss Interior

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Ronnie Goh
Mr. Jason Koh

A living space can create wonders or horrors for whoever dwells within. For the homeowner, it should be a safe, relaxing haven, a space in which they can come home after a long day at work, and spend their precious free time with their loved ones. But imagine waking up one day to dreary white walls, or having a birthday party within walls of grey. It is thus essential that the décor of the house fits one’s personal preferences and tastes.

Swiss Interior, established in 2012 by Ronnie Goh and Jason Koh, is a company that dedicates itself to fulfilling a customer’s needs in home interior renovation and design. They offer a range of packages for the homeowner, ranging from a Standard Flat Package, to a larger scale HDB Whole House Resale Package, all designed to accommodate the various styles interiors can come in. As their motto goes, “No customer’s requirements is too difficult to fulfill”, they are committed to a client’s satisfaction, and believes in building a long term relationship with any client, offering a range of after-sales services catering to their needs.

The two men, although they had established Swiss Interior together, have different reasons why they have chosen to venture into this industry. For Jason, interior design has always been a passion and interest, and by choosing to start a company where many variables can determine success or failure, it highlights the commitment he has towards his own craft and profession. On the other hand, Ronnie takes much pride in his work, and nothing can be more satisfying then seeing a well-completed project. He also likes how various projects offer the both of them various challenges, allowing them to tap into their creativity to cater to a client’s needs. “It keeps us moving”, Ronnie remarked. And with so many unique clients with their own unique preferences, it is not difficult to see how potentially challenging every assignment is.

But as with any business, its success hinges very much on its location. One of the challenges the two men faced had was to find a strategic location for their establishment. Swiss Interior eventually decided to settle themselves in the Aljunied area, seeing the area’s potential in housing and commercial development. In addition, Ronnie and Jason, rather than expanding their existing space, already have plans to establish another showroom in another part of Singapore, hoping to increase their visibility and reach out to a wider potential client pool.

The bravery and motivation that is required to venture into business ownership is something that has to be reinforced then and again, with Ronnie and Jason both stressed that it is important to provide encouragement and support for each other, signaling the strong bond that they share. They also believe that the drive to work for yourself, fight for what you want, and not giving into problems easily, are elements that have helped them greatly in their pursuit for entrepreneurship satisfaction. In addition, they added it is also crucial that proper planning has been executed before establishing a business.

Both Ronnie and Jason, fresh from starting Swiss Interior, now has all the relevant practical experience of establishing a company from the ground up. A young company with a young leadership, there may be a lot of unexplored territory on the horizon, but no doubt, only good things can be seen ahead for Swiss Interior.

Contact Details:
118 Aljunied Avenue 2
#01-112 S(380118)
T| 6747 4742
F| 6747 4505

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