Early Learning@Brightyears LLP

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Alice Tham

The infant years of a child’s life is the most important. It is when their habits, their composure, their views of life are cultivated. Hence, it is most crucial that they are exposed to the best and correct ideals adults can teach them. With the emphasis on early education becoming more prominent, and with many working parents, many learning playgroup centers have risen up to meet this demand. One center, Early Learning@Brightyears LLP, was borne out of a mother’s desire for her child to receive the best in early education.

Established in 2010 by Ms. Alice Tham, Early Learning is a playgroup center for children from 2-3 years old. Their classes particularly emphasizes on Phonics, Arts and Crafts, Hanyu Pinyin, and more. With a wide selection of topics, there is a selected theme every term, for example it can be food this term, while it can be objects the next. The main mission is to provide children with the opportunity to explore, discover, gain self-confidence, and build relationships through social interactions with friends and teachers.

The idea of managing a playgroup center came about when Ms. Tham put her own child in her own playgroup. She wanted to start her working life once more, but also had the desire to look after her child at the same time. Ms. Tham elaborates. “I don’t want to miss her early learning stages, and wanted to guide and teach her in all aspects. I want her to like school.” As she also has passion in interacting with kids, as she finds them very young and innocent, Ms. Tham decided to take action, and took over another playgroup center. Hence, Early Learning was born.

Although she has had prior experience in management and business, Ms. Tham still found it a challenge to manage experienced staff members. “The mentality is very different from simply business, you must really teach the children properly. Therefore I went around finding staff members who are truly passionate in early childhood education.” Also, as they were still new, there was the challenge in convincing parents that they can trust their children with them.

However, as time went by and Early Learning proved their capability, more parents begun enrolling their children with them. Since then, Early Learning has educated many bright young minds, with one particular event Ms. Tham is very proud of. “Recently, our group of children had a performance in the P.A. Arts and Culture Festival. Their song and dance was well received, and it is indeed a compliment from the public and audiences. This also assured more parents/grandparents to entrust their children with us.”

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, one person who has inspired Ms. Tham was her ex-boss. “She is a very talented and capable lady, able to take control at all times even during crisis. She gave me plenty of advice about the art of doing business.” Ms. Tham further adds, “She is my role model, and I realize from her that PR skills are very important. Different people want different things for their child. Hence, we introduced ideas like our interactive multimedia programme. This is not something commonly seen at all, and the children can learn and play at the same time.”

One other thing Ms. Tham has learnt was also to learn from her mistakes. “Although you can have talent, you have to look back at what you have done and reflect. There will always be a better solution. Be open to all opinions and feedback, and always be innovative in your thinking.” She then added, “Also, never give up early. Not all people will have the same thinking as you, some will, some will not, so you have to keep trying.”

With their first location in the populated Boon Keng area, Early Learning recently opened up their second branch in Tampines. They also plan to expand their curriculum to include kindergarten classes for slightly older children, as well as their syllabus to ensure the quality of their teachings. Within the next five years, Ms. Tham hopes to be able to open up to eight branches, allowing access for more young children learn and play in a comfortable environment, and to gain a positive attitude towards school.

Passionate with her work, and armed with experience and expertise, there is little doubt that Ms. Tham will lead Early Learning into their brightest period in the near future.

Contact Details:
– Blk 22 Boon Keng Road #01-09 S(330022)
– Blk 880 Tampines Ave 8 #01-278 S(520880)
T| 8223 4266
E| e.l.brightyears@gmail.com

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