Rhiss Interior

Name of Recipients:
Mr. Eddie Yeo

Rhiss Interior Private Limited was initialized in 2007. Brainchild of best friends, Eddie Yeo and John Kow. Both ambitious, yet promising. In less than 5 years, they had already metamorphosed multifold times. Today, standing anabolic with 25 hard-wired employees; serving the best with their utmost ability.

Rhiss; representing Resoluteness, Honesty, Integrity, Sophistication and Sincerity respectively, a philosophy that revolves around the modus operandi the company works in. Both directors, Mr Yeo and Mr Kow had been working contiguously, procuring multiple awards. “We decided to partake in the industry due to our passionate flair in the interior designing aspect. With our strong experience, we had led a talented team, along to success.” the duo commented on their ardent entrepreneurship.

All the adversities, troubles, and obstacles are a test to strengthen oneself. Sometimes a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world. Certainly, this is pertinent to learning the ropes. “It’s usual for extraordinary requests to come our way in this line. We had our rich experience to refer to; utilizing other counterparts and achieving the desired result and details our clients request for.” the partners explained. “Fortunately, there had not been much of such instances coming by. Some clients are equally passionate about interior design and are able to comply with our concepts; makes working with them a fruitful one.” they said, sanguinely.

One aspect which makes Rhiss Interior distinct is in its quality control standards; only deriving superlative materials. “We only demand for the best materials, the best of qualities. We are particularly strict in such regards to provide utmost satisfaction for customers.” they retorted, upon their idiosyncratic nature of yielding the best for customers, putting them at heart.

With preeminent workmanship and unprecedented customer care, Rhiss Interior is one of the fore leaders in the industry. It’s a cinch; “We had received numerous past referrals, and we do take pride for this. This shows that customers are satisfied with what we offer; our top-notch services, and products.” they reciprocated.

So what is the consequential criteria for being a successful entrepreneur? “First of all, it’s a humbling experience being an entrepreneur. You need to be hardworking, and conscientiously work for your goal.” the pair also remarked on how arduous the journey of an entrepreneurship is. “You must be willing to take hardship, and never give up.”

“The journey of entrepreneurship to us is a fruitful one. It has helped us rediscover ourselves; a stronger and better us. Bettering ourselves as we exceed our personal professionalism, forging a path to success.” They also added effusively: “It also helped us, in a sense, to contribute back to the society; servicing them, and providing jobs for the talented. It sets a self satisfaction in us, a feeling for us to improve and do better for the future.”

A fore duo instilled with insistent, sacrosanct; proficient principals. A team of diligent, adept, and dexterous team. Along with the immutable tenacious sinews of the squad. Rhiss Interior is at its ultimatum; pinnacle. A feat which shall not be eradicated.

Contact Details:
No. 1 Balestier Road S(329670)
T| 6392 2282
F| 6392 2232
E| sales@rhissinterior.com

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