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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Yee

With the advancement of modern technology, many nowadays possess a camera in one form or another. Either it can be a camera in a smartphone, or it can be a digital camera that can be used to capture images on the go. However, nobody possesses the art of photography automatically, and the eye for it has to be nurtured and cultivated. Knowledge Bowl Training & Consultancy, a school of photography, offers a range of courses for those wishing to further their photography skills.

Established in 2007 by Mr. Steven Yee, Knowledge Bowl’s photography courses include entry to advanced photography classes. It includes classes such as Basic Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Filmmaking, Travel Photography, Studio and Outdoor Portraiture, and many more. Photovivo, an online hub for their students and associates, also organizes events, competitions and overseas trips, nurturing the skills and practicing techniques they have learnt in his courses.

“In the early days, there was no existence of a proper school for photography; there were not many which offered structured syllabus in which students can properly learn the basics of photography.”Mr. Yee explains, “By then, I had already been teaching photography for a number of years, even during my Junior College days. I hence decided to set up Knowledge Bowl, because of my passion, and because it is good to share knowledge. My goal was to provide something credible, to be responsible for their skills.”

However, it took Knowledge Bowl a while to truly find their footing. “We were not well-known when we first started.” Mr. Yee said, “Our first enrollment only consisted of four to five students. To be honest, that was quite discouraging.”

Subsequently surviving through the 2008 financial crisis, the situation for Knowledge Bowl soon changed as his student base grew. Through word-of-mouth recommendations and proper advertising, more students begun signing up for the courses, and today, they have had a total of seven thousand students since they first started, a feat Mr. Yee is particularly proud of. Their staying power in the industry is further proven in 2010. During that year, there was an explosion of new photography schools, creating intense competition for Knowledge Bowl. However, the numbers have rapidly dwindled since then, and as Mr. Yee put it, it is truly the “survival of the fittest”.

For those looking to start out on their own, Mr. Yee has the following advice for them. “You have to be like a roly-poly toy, you learn to fall and get back in position again quickly. You have to persevere on no matter what. Being an entrepreneur means plenty of personal sacrifices; family time, personal time. You have to be prepared.” He then adds, “To be honest, if you want to be successful, there are plenty of elements that have to be in place, such as timing, luck, opportunity, and external help. These are things which cannot be taken lightly.”

With their intricately structured courses and experienced instructors, Mr. Yee makes sure the classes Knowledge Bowl conducts are both informational and fun. Soon, he plans to include e-learning, allowing his photography classes to be studied by students from anywhere. Mr. Yee also plans to organize events where overseas photography practitioners can share their experiences. With a good reputation and informative classes, Knowledge Bowl has made themselves a prominent figure in their industry, and we have no doubt they will continue to do the same in the future.

Contact Details:
190 Middle Road #04-28
Fortune Centre S(188979)
T| 9795 9254

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