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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Mike Lim

In the modern office, the presence of photocopier machines is a common sight. With the large number of documents that a company processes in order to keep businesses going, the acquisition of a good quality machine is important. For over fifteen years, One Copier and Office Supplies has been providing a full range of customized low cost, high quality office solutions and services, assisting the increase of productivity in their clients’ businesses.

Established by Mr. Mike Lim back in 2005, One Copier specializes in the trading of photocopier machines. Their work includes servicing and maintaining, as well as the selling, leasing, and renting the machines. Part of their clientele comes from supplying to non-profit organizations, such as the government agencies, churches and temples.

Mr. Lim, who has been in this trade for twenty-two years, has always been interested in such technical products and knowledge. Tired of working for others, with no prospect for further advancement, and being dissatisfied with his income, Mr. Lim soon had the idea of establishing his own business. With his vast experience and familiarity, he decided to do his own business in the same industry. This allowed Mr. Lim the freedom to make his own decisions that he couldn’t accomplish before.

However, striking out on their own comes with its challenges. For Mr. Lim, his biggest challenge came in the form of financial reserves. Being in the industry which required large amounts of capital reserves, Mr. Lim found much support from his friends and relatives, and managed to pull through the financial crisis. Mr. Lim prides himself on being a very diligent individual, hence, when he first started out on the business, even if it is working hard and lesser time for his leisure activities, he knows that the hard work will bring him great distances. By providing meticulous and excellent services, Mr. Lim ensures that One Copier is differentiated from the rest, hence gaining trust, as well as repeat clients who will visit them again.

Having experienced various hurdles throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Lim has now come out the other side a wizened man. He hence gives the following advice: “Whatever difficulty you face, don’t give up. Keep thinking of new solutions, and keep moving forward. What you want to do should be related to your own skills, otherwise, you will be just wasting time.” However, he also advises caution should it be necessary. “Don’t always strive to be innovative if you cannot. Just keep with what you are good at, and the rest will take care of itself.”

One Copier is still growing at a steady rate. Mr. Lim himself aims to maintain the company’s financial stability, as well as double the size of the company within five years. However, he is adamant that they will be localized for the time being. “One Copier will be focusing on the Singapore market at the moment, we do not want to expand too aggressively and overstretch the company’s resources.” With a steady plan of growth, a capable and experience leader, a bright future is ahead for Mr. Lim and One Copier and Office Supplies.

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54 Genting Lane #05-01
Ruby Land Complex Blk II S(349562)
T| 6842 5033
F| 6842 5011

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