Baker’s Heaven

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Simon Tay

With the high standard of living many Singaporeans experience today, eating is no longer just a means of survival, but a source of great enjoyment. With many possessing a sweet tooth, there is an unceasing demand for desserts such as baked goods, with the population eager for something pleasant to sweeten up their day. Baker’s Heaven, a manufacturer of baked goods for various restaurants and hotels, have been steadily making a name for themselves with their exquisite products and delectable desserts.

Established in 1991 by Mr. Simon Tay, Baker’s Heaven is one of the top three bakery manufacturers in Singapore. With 485 major customers ranging from hospitals, chain cafes, casinos, restaurants, and more, Baker’s Heaven produces a total of two hundred types of bakery products on average each day. These products range from cakes, bread, cookies, and even savory pastries, and in testament of its quality, Baker’s Heaven have achieved the ISO 22000 as part of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification for its products and operation procedures.

As a young man without much of an education, Mr. Tay possessed a strong love of baking, especially in cakes and pastries. To realize his dream, Mr. Tay enrolled himself at the prestigious Richemont Swiss School of Bakery in Switzerland in 1988, working as a part time kitchen help to fund his studies. When he completed his studies and returned to Singapore, Mr. Tay wanted to put what he had learnt to good use. Hence, he set up Baker’s Heaven in a small HDB shop, and the brand started to grow from there.

However, the initial stages of operations were a struggle, as Mr. Tay was the baker, sales, and deliveryman all at the same time. To keep his business running, Mr. Tay practically set up residence and lived in the shop. In addition, as the company is still in its infancy stage, Mr. Tay faced the challenge of keeping operating costs low. But he was not about to give up that easily. “Persistence and determination overcame these challenges.” Mr. Tay elaborated. “While it may be two simple words, it meant the need to overcome financial, operational, physical and mental stress over a sustained period of time.”

Indeed, with his motto, Mr. Tay soon found Baker’s Heaven expanding rapidly. It grew out of its small shop front into a factory now situated in Senoko Way, with now 46 staff members keeping the factory and operations running smoothly. In addition, they have also supported major national and international events in Singapore. For example, they have supplied bakery products for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix since 2008, the entire duration of the Singapore Youth Olympics in 2010, as well as the bi-annual Singapore Air Show.

For Mr. Tay, however, the proudest moment for the company was not getting their first big client, but rather, it is having the trust of our people and the ability to give back to the society. “There are many customers and friends who supported us along the journey,” Mr. Tay said, “and at the most opportune time, we started giving back to welfare homes and charitable organizations.”

To differentiate themselves and set them apart from their competitors, Mr. Tay insists upon the following: quality, service, R&D, and people. He firmly believes that working as a team will further augment their success. As part of the R&D, Baker’s Heaven constantly embarks on study trips, as well as regulating upgrading skills and equipment. Staffs are developed based on their interest and talents, and in turn, they show loyalty, resulting in low turnover rate in their staffing, with their oldest staff member being 73 years old. This ensures a constant high morale amongst the team, striving together to improve products beyond expectations.

Mr. Tay now deeply understands the concept of doing business the right way. “We have to be honest, to be truthful. Do the best you can for your products because there is no shortcut to food. You would not get the actual product that way.” Mr. Tay also thus dispenses the following advice. “It is not easy to be a boss, especially with today’s market. You have to keep your ego in check; don’t come in without realizing the challenges, have a long term plan for everything.”

Baker’s Heaven is expanding at a very admirable rate. With their rate of business, they are now thinking of acquiring another factory to better facilitate their operations. With their passion, drive, and a good long term plan, Baker’s Heaven is sure to remain a leader in the bakery manufacturing business in Singapore.

Contact Details:
16 Seneko Ave S(758306)
T| 6777 3500
F| 6778 1257

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