O’Bean Organic Soya Place

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Klee Tan

With the preached health benefits of soya beans, many variants of food items have sprung up to cope with the demand. However, most of these items are either infused with either sugar or other substances, or uses soybeans with latent acid purine intact, leaving those with certain health problems, like gout or diabetes, out in the cold. One company, the O’Bean Organic Soya Place, sensing a market, introduced its own range of vegetarian soya food items, opening up a range of culinary possibilities for the public.

O’Bean Organic Soya Place now has six outlets over the island, with its main branch situated at Tanjong Pagar Road. Using the Puresoy Organic brand of soya bean, which has had the purine removed, O’Bean’s has experimented and introduced a wide range of food items. This includes but is not limited to items such as organic soya drinks, soya smoothies, desserts such as Gingko Barley, Soya Beancurd with Collagen, as well as hot meals like Soya Porridge and Cereal. Their innovative food items using soybean have proved popular with the public, and they are constantly expanding their menu and outlets.

Established in 2008 by Mr. Klee Tan, O’Bean is a subsidiary company of Euu Pte Ltd. It is a company specializing in the supply and trading business, which led to the opportunity for O’Bean’s birth in the first place. Klee elaborates, “In the initial period, the seller of Puresoy products found that the reception to his products was not good, so the opportunity was passed to me.”

Interested in the idea, Klee then proceeded to hatch the idea for O’Bean Organic Soya Place. “The whole Singaporean nation likes soya beans.” Klee said, “Quality wise, it is better than milk, and some people who are unable to consume milk are able to drink it. It has huge market potential, and given the health-conscious trends in recent years, a vegetarian soya place seemed an ingenious idea.”

However, the initial stages of operation were not entirely trouble free. The public, already adapted the idea of usual soya beans, had to take time to adjust to the idea of purine free soya beans, fearing it would decrease the quality of the food items they consume. In addition, finding a good rental location for the shops was not an easy task either. With the high rental prices in the strategic locations, Klee had to decide and delegate relevant funds to expand his company, while at the same time maintaining his output funds.

But as time passes, people became assured of the quality of Puresoy products, which led to an increase in sales and business. They gradually accumulated a fanbase of loyal customers, including testimonies of people with illnesses who have tried their products. Moreover, they even gained approval from doctors, who pass their name on to patients who has certain dietary restrictions. Now aware of their product’s popularity, Klee feels more confident in the operations, knowing they now have lasting power in the competitive Food and Beverage industry.

When asked for some insight to his success, Klee had this to say. “Perseverance is very important. Building a business is not easy, you have to press on and stay focused. The day will come when people will accept it.” In addition, Klee feels that financial management is of the utmost importance as well. “It is not cheap to do business in Singapore. Without money, other difficulties will come along as well. There is also a lot of trial and error in business, so you would need the financial freedom to do that. One advice is to work and gain experience first, before venturing into any industry.”

With its rapid ascension in the industry, O’Bean Organic Soya Place is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. Planning to franchise his business, Klee hopes to be able to break into the regional market in the Southeast Asian region, as well as beginning exporting his products into countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition, Klee also hopes to be able to supply his products to hospitals, given the health benefits of his products. Personally, Klee hopes that O’Bean Organic Soya Place will one day grow to be a household brand, and given the rate it is expanding, that day should not be too far off.

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Blk 5 Banda Street
#03-84 S(050005)
T| 6392 5391
F| 6392 5709
E| euuniversal@gmail.com

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