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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Annie Tan

Beauty does not simply consist of a pretty face and a gorgeous figure; it is also about how one grooms and takes care of themselves. To enable that, the modern women often pay a visit to hair salons, beauty spas, slimming facilities, and gyms to jumpstart their transformation. As a result, many of such beauty establishments have been emerging around Singapore, each specializing in a different body area. However, one company, Angelsky8 Pte Ltd, offers all of these services under one roof to cater to their client’s every needs.

Established in 2001 by Ms. Annie Tan, Angelsky8 is a one-stop beauty, spa, hair, and slimming house, providing a comprehensive range of body wellness services to take care of their clients from head to toe. Some examples of their treatments and facilities they offer includes their Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment, Sliming Hand Lipolysis, waxing for leg and arm, as well as steam and Hydro-Jet baths in their Spa and Gym Facilities. In addition, Angelsky8 prides themselves on doing more than just taking care of their client’s well being, providing reading corners, music bars, and even a children’s corner should their clients’ little ones need entertaining while they pamper themselves.

It comes as no surprise that their comprehensive services and attitude has ensured that their business has stayed very strong to this day. Mr. J. Ai, one of the managers at Angelsky8, has credited much of the success to his team, “When my team works together seamlessly, the customers will notice, and will place their trust in us. Our people are our achievement.”

However, their success of today came after various difficulties they have encountered in the past, present, and future. For example, they have found it more and more difficult to hire local therapists, as the young people of Singapore, as Mr. Ai put it, “like to be served, not to serve.” Therefore, Angelsky8 had to turn to foreign manpower in order to make sure there are enough people to service their clients. But with the recent foreign manpower quota, and the increasing foreign worker tax, Mr. Ai foresees that the subject of manpower will continue to feature as an issue for them.

For now, Mr. Ai is content for Angelsky8 to keep a low profile; they do not even do any advertisements in any form of mass media at all. Mr. Ai adds that much of their client base came from recommendations from people they have serviced before, and as their quality service is what brought their customers in in the first place, Mr. Ai believes that focusing on maintaining the level of service is the most important thing they can do now, so that Angelsky8’s assured service and quality will be the one continuing factor that sets them apart from their competitors in the industry.

To ensure the success of a company, Mr. Ai, as mentioned earlier, believes the power of staff loyalty, and their passion for their job is very important. “As long as my people are happy, the company will continue to do well. There have been staff members since 2001 that are still here. I love the company, they love the company, we will all do our best to serve the company to the best of our abilities.” Another piece of advice he wishes to give to prospective entrepreneurs is to have to ability to think ahead, “They must have the foresight, anticipate what is going to happen. That way, they will be better equipped to deal with problems that come their way.” Mr. Ai also added one should also have extensive inside knowledge of an industry should they decide to start a business in it. “Starting a business, it is not so easy. For example, for me, I had to know all our treatment packages and services inside and out, to have very intimate knowledge with it. Without it, you cannot help your staff. To manage a business, you have to know more than everyone else.”

With intricate knowledge and superior man-management skills, Ms. Annie Tan and Mr. Ai definitely have the skills and expertise to successfully lead Angelsky8 to even greater success. But humbly, Mr. Ai has stated that Angelsky8 do not wish to aggressively expand, but merely wants to keep maintaining the level they have right now, knowing that it might be dilute the quality of service should they open up more branches. Their commitment to their customers and their quality services is truly one to be applauded, and we have no doubt Angelsky8 will continue to be a powerful contender in this industry for years to come.

Contact Details:
100 Orchard Road #01-100
Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall
T| 6238 8885

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