KSL Resources Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kwek Seng Lee

Many people become entrepreneurs for various reasons. Some may wish to truly possess ownership of their work; others may want to fulfill a childhood dream of their own. However, most, if not all entrepreneurs have one goal: to carve out a better future for themselves. Mr. Kwek Seng Lee, the founder and director of KSL Resources Pte Ltd, is no different. With his hard work and dedication, he has built KSL Resources from the ground up to the reputable construction company it is today.

Established in 2007, KSL Resources is a construction company that offers a wide range of construction services that suits any of their client’s needs. This includes repairing and redecoration, color consultation, and more. As their reputation grew, so did their projects. Their most significant projects include the Cote D’Azur Condominium, Costa del Sol Condominium and the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. To cope with the demands large projects bring, Mr. Kwek has grown his team from a group of twenty to a team of more than two hundred. In addition, to foster faith from their clients, KSL Resources strives to always maintain a high standard of services, even offering a five-year warranty for any work they do. Through this, they have gained the support and loyalty of many clients.

Mr. Kwek’s success was not easily achieved. It was molded through many hardships and trials that he has gone through since young. “As I did not have a good family background, it was very hard growing up.” Mr. Kwek elaborates, “I don’t know much English, and by thirteen years old, I have already dropped out of school.” Mr. Kwek then found himself drifting, taking up various odd jobs in order to feed himself. “I had to learn about life the hard way.” He said.

However, the hardship he endured came with unexpected advantages. It actually made him into a more resilient man, one who perseveres and doesn’t give up on his hopes easily. This eventually proved to be the defining element of his success. Mr. Kwek, together with his wife and business partner, Mrs. Annie Kwek, established KSL Resources. From a fifty thousand of starting capital, they are now running a multimillion-dollar business, a happy ending Mr. Kwek would not have expected in his younger days.

Having experienced many ups and downs in his life, Mr. Kwek knows well the elements it takes to succeed. He elaborates, “Everyone grows old, but we learn all the time. To succeed, you must be prepared to work hard and make lots of personal sacrifices. For me, my greatest regret is actually my family. To operate my business effectively, I spend most of my time in the office, and I don’t spend as much time as I would have liked with my family. My health has also suffered as well. But as sayings go, you have to lose some to gain some.” Also, he advises that one should not feel discouraged because of their past. “It is not about family background. It is about what things you can do differently from normal people. Just be quick, be decisive, and be interested in your work. You need to know what you’re doing, and you cannot give up easily.”

With his success story, it truly proves that nothing is impossible once you set your heart and mind to it. For Mr. Kwek, the journey is far from over. With the desire to give his daughters and wife a better future, Mr. Kwek just desires for the business to maintain its steady growth. With his family standing behind him in support, there is little doubt that Mr. Kwek will lead KSL Resources to its brightest future yet.

Contact Details:
1 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-29
WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
T| 6515 9058
F| 6515 9057
E| senglee@ksl.com.sg

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