Rangers Design and Decoration

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steve Ang

Rangers Design & Decoration has been an award winning, reputed designing firm. With multiple publications on local newspapers, and magazines, Rangers Design & Decoration is a locally recognized, sovereign, designing firm. Albeit success is a cinch for the company, the path to it is exceptionally arduous.

As said by Mr Steve Ang, founder of Rangers Design & Decoration: “When I first started off in 2003, some customers weren’t able to comprehend; due to a difference in the vocabulary. Tasks given by customers are sometimes risible.” Syntax polarity and rampant behests could not quash Mr Ang’s projectile to success though, who is a man with ardor, zealous passion in the subject of interior designing. “We are constantly finding ways too boost reputation and popularity of the business. By providing proficient workmanship, sterling prices and top notch after-sales services.”

Viva voce turned out well. Fallacies were not able to fuddle with Rangers Design & Decoration’s willpower. Mudslinging were just transient. Success was advent. It was a snap to see why. With superlative, first-rate workmanship and services; where Mr Ang would personally pay meticulous attention and do follow-ups for customers.

The Straits Times, Cube magazines, and Lookbox publications. These are just a few publications, which Rangers Design & Decoration has been featured on. On the subject of the name, Rangers Design & Decoration, Mr Ang explained: “Ranger represents an elite, just like the commando in the military service. Ranger packs a determined, challenging spirit.”

“The path to entrepreneurship is all about how fervor your yearnings for it are. How much you want success. You have to be adherent to your passion; not afraid of failures. It’s integral that you know how to climb back up when met with obstacles or failures.” exclaimed Mr Ang, upon his definition of entrepreneurship.

Behind his success, Mr Ang’s family had given him much rapport since initiation. Despite how many setbacks laid in the course to success; fraught with hurdles, the family had been supporting Mr Ang’s decisions and resolutions. “My family; especially my kids, they had been my spur for doing well.”

Mr Ang had not forgotten about his customers, who had rooted him since day 1. “If wasn’t for them, Rangers Design & Decoration wouldn’t be here; superiority.” When asked on the prerequisites in order to be successful, Mr Ang had this to say: “You must not let complacency drag you down. Be willing to learn, and persevere. Don’t be affected by spurious castigations from others. Success is formed with your very own hands, not theirs. It’s you that determine your own success.”

“Do not ebb on just a minor setback. Do not be disquiet on a futility. Perseverance is the key to setting up a successful business. One must have realistic goals and work towards it. Do not be feckless.” Mr Ang advocates young entrepreneurs, planing to start their own business.

With such a proficient, potent and professional headman leading upfront, it is facile to fathom why Rangers Design & Decoration is superior in the sphere. It shall prosper and morphs tenaciously in time to come.

Contact Details:
928 Yishun Central 1
#01-133 S(760928)
T| 6754 3221
F| 6754 3221
E| sales@rangers.com.sg

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