Seaview Travel & Tours Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Michael Wee

For many, travel is a way of life. A chance to see the sights so foreign to the ones at home, to taste local gourmet that is very different to their palate, and to expand their horizons outside of the usual routine that they goes through every day. A travel agency, Seaview Travel and Tours Pte Ltd, commit themselves to providing services which has no hidden costs, and to exotic locales that promises an unforgettable experience for their clients.

Established in 2006 by Mr. Michael Wee, Seaview Travel offers inbound and outbound tours from Singapore to many locations around the world. These locations include Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and more. Recently, they have even started tours heading towards South American countries such as Cuba, and American islands such as Guam. Every single one of their packages is inclusive of all expenses, and Seaview Travels were adamant on making sure there were no hidden or additional costs for their prices they quote to their customers.

Previously working as a customer service officer at the airport, Mr. Wee was introduced to the travel business by one of the clients he received, who later became his boss. From an office boy, he was nurtured by his boss, and reached the position of overseas manager by the very young age of 23. Through the various interactions with this industry, and the years posted overseas, Mr. Wee developed passion for this industry that has motivated and sustained him till today.

As Mr. Wee started feeling certain limitations within his work, the thought to set up his own travel agency soon came to mind. After some planning and deliberation, Mr. Wee left his occupation, set up Seaview Travel & Tours, beginning his long entrepreneur journey. But as with every new company, Mr. Wee knew certain challenges had to be faced. One of them included his highly competitive competitors in the industry, who subsequently tried various methods to sabotage the company and its reputation. In addition, a few years about their establishment, one of his employees then left the company and became a competitor to them. The feeling of betrayal would remain with Mr. Wee, who had sought to be more careful with the information he shares with his employees from then on.

Facing the challenges head on, Mr. Wee sought to work harder to overcome them all through hard work and perseverance. Seaview Travel’s tours started developing their own style, with tour packages brim full with meticulous details and information about the itinerary, down to the exact dishes customers will be served at a particular restaurant. Mr. Wee also made sure to visit locations himself and experiencing the services they offer, before introducing them to their customers. He also introduced luxury travel buses for all tours, making sure all his clients can travel with comfort. This approach proved very successful indeed; Seaview Travel has now garnered many returning customers, and their agency is particularly popular with middle aged aunties and uncles.

Now an experienced veteran in this industry, Mr. Wee knows what it takes to achieve success. “Passion and patience are important, but so is the knowledge of any industry as well. With this knowledge, you will know new markets to break into, you will know how to market your services and your products to your target audience. Also, as the service provider, you have to know every answer to your customer’s questions, you have to know what you are selling.”

Indeed, Mr. Wee’s expertise and knowledge has helped him lead Seaview Travel to the standard that it is today. And the company is not planning to stop just yet. Mr. Wee has elaborated to us that he plans to introduce tours that will take his customers to Central America, Africa, and at the end of this year, he even plans to introduce a trip that will take them to the North Pole. His ability to challenge conventions and emerge victorious from the other end will surely come in useful, as it is certain that Seaview will continue to be a major contender in the Singapore Travel industry scene.

Contact Details:
101 Upper Cross Street #B1-17L
People’s Park Centre S(058357)
T| 6223 8281
F| 6226 1228

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