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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Damien Goh

Advertising can present itself in many forms. It can be posters or banners proudly proclaiming the existence of a certain product or promotion, or it can be an indication of sponsorship by a company, for example a company’s logo on a runner’s number tag during sports events. However, most of us don’t stop to think of the origins of such advertising platforms. Drummond Printing Pte Ltd is one of those companies that provide printing services for such advertising platforms. Whether it be large format printing or digital printing, Drummond Printing has the expertise and equipment to handle such needs.

Established thirty-five years ago in 1978, the company has established a stronghold in the expertise of printing services. Founded by his father, Drummond Printing Pte Ltd is now managed by Mr. Damien Goh who is determined to carry on his father’s legacy. Indeed, Mr. Goh was first inspired onto the road of entrepreneurship by his father, establishing a small T-shirt printing company when he was in his third year of university studies. Having followed his father in the printing business, he thus already had the knowledge about how a printing business operates.

However, this did not mean automatic knowledge about the management of a business. Mr. Goh found himself running a one-man show, coordinating every single aspect of his small T-shirt printing business himself. He also realized that product knowledge of the items he is selling is of utmost importance. Through trial and error, and with help from various sources, Mr. Goh started to gain experience in the art of business. “It was hard for a student to manage, and I had to learn many things from scratch. But at that time, I picked up a lot from my suppliers, which provided samples for the items I was selling. I also relied a lot on Google to research on the industry I was dealing with.”

After some years of experience, in 2009 Mr. Goh’s business merged with Drummond Printing and the T-shirt printing business was integrated as one of the services Drummond Printing now provides. Starting not at top-level management but in sales, Mr. Goh soon learnt the ropes of Drummond Printing’s business. Eventually, Mr. Goh took over the company from his father, beginning a new era with the company.

As the head of the company, Mr. Goh quickly brought the business to the next level and expanded the output with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Within half a year, Mr. Goh had already installed the most advanced high-end equipment required for digital printing. This allowed Drummond Printing to increase their output exponentially, from 1000-2000 copies of traditional printing, to 80000-100000 copies per hour. This gave them a competitive edge in the printing industry, an achievement which Mr. Goh is very proud of.

As someone with entrepreneurial ambitions since a young age, Mr. Goh knows well the mentality of young entrepreneurs, and thus has the following advice for them. He advised, “Networking is very important. The relationship between you and your clients will allow you to gain the upper hand, whether it be about the pricing, or the contracts you take. The more networking you do, the more opportunities you will gain.” He also encourages young entrepreneurs to be brave. “Young entrepreneurs should be brave; they should not be afraid to take action.”

Mr. Goh has further ambitions for Drummond Printing. He plans to establish the company’s footprint in regional countries, to undertake the printing for regional sports events. In addition, he wants to make Drummond Printing as self-sufficient as possible, with plans to purchase finishing machines. This will enable them to provide a one-stop service for their clients, which will allow them to be more efficient when they are serving their customers. With a clear plan ahead, Drummond Printing will definitely remain a prominent player in the printing industry for the upcoming years.

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