Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Calvin Woon
Ms. Patricia Lin

With Internet technology now practically available in all corners of Singapore, many business owners have shifted their advertising attentions to the web. Many, if not most companies in Singapore now have their own website, which allows them to reach clients not just in Singapore, but anywhere in the World. This potentially opens up many business opportunities across multiple global cities, making it important for business owners to tap into the power of the Internet to open up these doors. One company that helps business owners to do this is Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore’s leading online marketing and lead generation company.

Established in 2009 by Mr. Calvin Woon and Ms. Patricia Lin, Zion Global Marketing works with small, medium sized businesses which have a problem of generating leads and customers. It offers a suite of services aimed to help clients generate more exposure online and acquire quality leads and sales for their business. Their range of digital marketing services includes but is not limited to, provision of online marketing consultation, Facebook marketing, as well as online lead generation. One of the company’s core specializations is events marketing where the company organizes and promotes seminars and workshops which focus on the areas of entrepreneurship, personal development and investing.

Having met during their first year of undergraduate studies at National University of Singapore, Calvin and Patricia stumbled upon the world of Internet Marketing. Enchanted by the idea of starting a business with little capital using the Internet, the two decided to embark on researching on starting an Internet business and also implementing what they have learnt. They have never looked back since.

Upon graduation, they chose to continue pursuing their entrepreneurial journey and now with some years of experience in marketing online, they felt the pull to help and advise people on various ways they can succeed in their business endeavors. Thus, Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd was born.

Fresh out of school, both Patricia and Calvin faced various challenges during the initial establishment of the company back in 2009. Patricia reminisced, “Trying to get people to recognize the power of the social media platform was truly a challenge for us. A lot of companies were unsure of what Internet marketing can offer. And as such, it took a while for such awareness to set it.” In addition, their young age also posed an interesting problem as well. “I was only 23 years old.” Patricia explained. “It is quite intimidating for us to approach the business owners, who are usually much older people than us.”

However, as the results of their services begin kicking in, more and more companies started to see the benefits of Internet marketing. This resulted in the rise of Zion Global Marketing’s industry prominence. Remarkably, within two years, the company has served hundreds of clients from countries like United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Patricia said, “We insist on transparency for our clients. Things that we impart to our clients are what we use as well. We also emphasize on building lasting relationships with our clients and students.”

As young people who have made a name for themselves in the digital marketing industry, Calvin and Patricia know what it is like to thrive as young entrepreneurs. As such, they are eager to share with us their secrets to success. Patricia had this to say, “Entrepreneurs need to be able to take failures and feedback in stride. Many will be impressed by such an attitude.” Calvin agreed, and further added, “Behind every successful entrepreneur, there are always plenty of mistakes made and failures braved. Accept failure and bounce back. Take it as feedback, as a challenge.”

“Time waits for no one. An aspiring entrepreneur needs to be pro-active.” Calvin mused. “It is different from being an employee. Employees await instructions, but as an entrepreneur, you have to find out for yourself how things can happen, not just sit around and wait for things to happen.” Patricia further chimed in, “There will always be things you don’t know. Hence, you have to stay positive minded, and be motivated for your own success.”

There are great things in store for Zion Global Marketing.

The company is certainly looking to expand its current operations to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in the next few years. It will take some time to explore these territories so they are in the midst of establishing key business relationships, which are pivotal in helping the company break into these huge markets. In addition, Calvin and Patricia plan to organize and promote more events which allow participants to mingle and network with various businessmen from various industries. With their experience and know-how to accomplish their goals, there is no doubt Zion Global Marketing will continue to achieve such success for the coming years.

Contact Details:
50 Market Street #10-01
Golden Shoe Car Park S(048940)
T| 6438 2135
E| patricia@zionglobalmarketing.com

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