Avante Aesthetique Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Diana Loh

Avante Aesthetique was established in 2008 by Ms. Diana Loh, a beauty consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Avante Aesthetique is a total beauty and yoga studio which provides the perfect escape, with holistic treatments and services to balance, realign and enhance both physical and mental well-being through facial, spa and yoga practice. The business aims to provide a range of services that can help her customers, especially the females, to better cope with problems such as ageing, health and wellness. The business believes in delivering quality results to end users, hence they only use premium products and machinery that are imported from Europe.

Ms. Loh has always been very passionate and inquisitive about the world of beauty. In addition to having personal interest in beautifying herself, she also found a sense of satisfaction in achieving beauty for other people. With years of experience under her belt, Ms. Loh finally achieved her goal in establishing a beauty and wellness center on her own.

However, Ms. Loh didn’t have an easy journey. Being Malaysian-Chinese, to set up a business in Singapore would also mean challenges in terms of understanding the culture, market, consumers’ behavior, and more. Her biggest difficulty was to actually acquire a new clientele base locally, as well as working on the company’s branding and marketing activities in creating awareness for a new setup. Financial assistance was also another problem given the need for high quality inventory and big space to rent. In addition, there is definitely pressure on her to be able to achieve a satisfactory profit margin for her investors.

Avante Aesthetique started off with only two employees, and has since grown from its first outlet at Toa Payoh Central, to its present expanded premise at The Octagon. Due to the stiff competition in the beauty industry, Ms. Loh decided to differentiate her business by introducing yoga classes for her customers too. Now the chief yoga instructor of the place, She is an advocate of gaining inner beauty for the body, mind and soul through yoga.

As someone with first-hand experience with business management, Ms. Loh knows best the qualities needed to succeed. She believes that should one have passion, self-discipline and determination, one would be able to succeed in their own business. The interest and passion must first be identified and followed by a good business planning. She explains, “You must know your own passion and interests. Once you know, you are already halfway there.” In addition, she believes a good work environment is essential to success. “A company needs to have a good work environment and team. The attitude toward work is very important. It’s not about personal glory,” Ms. Loh elaborates. “As when everyone is moving in the same direction, the company will then grow.”

It is an exciting time for Ms. Loh and Avante Aesthetique. Their plans for the future include establishing a new outlet closer to the MRT, enabling convenience for their customers. They also hope to improve and expand in-house by acquiring machines that will cater to their customers. However, Ms. Loh is adamant that they will focus and concentrate on the Singapore market first before they go regional. With the rising demand for beauty and wellness services, Avante Aesthetique is well poised to become a major player in this industry for the years to come.

Contact Details:
105 Cecil Street #01-00
The Octagon S(069534)
T| 6227 0780
F| 6336 8100
E| aavante@singnet.com.sg

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