Just Travel Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Lee

With the increasing globalization, many more people are spending time travelling more than ever before. Although much of the travel industry focuses on travelling to well-known and popular places, there is always the adventurous soul looking for something slightly more. Just Travel Pte Ltd, a Singapore based travel agency, offers a comprehensive variety of travel services, with their travel packages tailored to a client’s desire.

Established in 2007 by Mr. Steven Lee, they now have travel experience of more than 20 years. With their professional consultants, it prides itself as one of the market’s leading extensive traveling operation. Because of the company’s multiple dimensions and distribution channels, Just Travel has been able to provide the best deals in terms of product offering and pricing, money for value, but yet creating an enriching and memorable holiday for their clients.

What is special about their services is that, other than only offering fixed packages going on a certain tour, they also provide custom made packages that is not usually offered in other travel agencies. This package will be specially catered to a client’s needs and wants. Some of the exotic locations they have provided packages to include South America and Egypt.

However, Mr. Lee has endured a tough journey to get to where he is now. He explained, “It is tougher to get fresh clients, and many small agents have gone bust in the process as well. We did not have the credibility then. To counter this, we rented a space in People’s Park Complex to maximize visibility.” Mr. Lee then commits Just Travel to being upfront and sincere with their clients. “You have to be open and direct with your clients. Otherwise, dispute will arise. We do not treat our customers as just customers, but as a friend. We try our best to make them feel at home, with a friendly atmosphere greeting them.”

Mr. Lee believes that in order to be an entrepreneur, one has to be an expert in that particular industry. “Know it well before you jump into the business. And when you do, be positive, have the drive and hunger, and you must always look forward. If there’s rejection, don’t feel bad about it. Focus on your service, and make an aim towards your goal.” In addition, Mr. Lee also advises advance planning, “You must have a financial and business plan. Think about what you’re going to achieve, and most importantly, what is your specialty.”

For himself, Mr. Lee feels particularly satisfied when he gets praises from his customers. For all the positive remarks, it makes him want to do more for them, as he believes in going the extra mile to achieve customers’ satisfaction. In the next 5 years, Mr. Lee wants to expand Just Travel, but at a modest rate as he wants to still ensure the quality of his service to his customers. He would also be looking at international expansion and hopefully aiming to be the only private company in the industry to expand business overseas. We have no doubt that Just Travel will continue to be a quality service provider for adventurous tourists.

Contact Details:
1 Park Road #03-13
People’s Park Complex S(059108)
T| 6535 1771
F| 6535 1772
E| enquiries@justtravel.com.sg

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