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Name of Recipient:
Mr Asokan Elamperuvaluthi

A man with money is no match against a man on a mission. Mr Asokan Elamperuvaluthi was a man on a mission to attain a golden path of successful entrepreneurship. An entrepreneurship filled with satisfactory, passion and involvement.

Initiated with a diminutive amount of capital in 2005, the future of Rakki Tech Private Limited seems bleak. “We were struggling to just make ends meet.” Mr Asokan reminisced about his predicament starting the company. Armed with a degree in computer engineering, and experience; having worked as a civil contractor in his homeland, India.

With a blight, minuscule scale factory, and lack of opportunity, it seems as if everything is going downhill. Mr Asokan had to start from scratch for his business to be viable; he started personally approaching customers to evaluate the works. With proficient, skilled and experienced staffs, customers were impressed, satiated with Rakki Tech Private Limited swift delivery, impeccable workmanship, and sublime customer service. Mr Asokan had averted a fiasco from happening upon him, and Rakki Tech Private Limited.

With the business stabilizing, the track to success was advent, the factory soon expanded, along with the number of manpower as operations intensified. A company that makes nothing but money is a poor business. In order to ameliorate the modus operandi of the company, Mr Elamperuvaluthi, perpetually finds room for expansion; hiring top notch workers, which he scrutinized each and every one of them meticulously, searching out to see if they are right for the job.

Mr Asokan also ventures into the branches of the import and export of chemicals. “We are also looking into the market of scrap metals. We believe this would help boost our efficiency, integrating advanced; eco-friendly technology into our products.” Mr Asokan elucidated.

Asking about his secret to success, Mr Asokan had this to say: “It’s all about adaption and involvement. The world is a revolving place.
Nothing stays constant. We had to keep venturing around for new opportunities. If there isn’t, we had to be involved enough to create our own.”

Mr Asokan had successfully warped his own entrepreneurship; sporting intrepid characteristics. “I chose not to work for others. I chose to work for myself, doing my own work, and my own satisfaction. Entrepreneurship is all about my own life.” he said devoutly. “Interest in the field is exceptionally important for success.”

Today, Rakki Tech Private Limited is an advanced, painting and blasting firm, with state of the art equipments, 60 adept and experienced staffs. It also has a multi-million turnover, as compared to the measly SGD$770,000 during initiation.

Mr Asokan is also a PR in Singapore; along with his spouse, who works as a gynecologist in the National University Hospital. His children attend local schools. “We love Singapore. The place is secure, clean. It also has great food all around. We would like to be Singaporeans if given the opportunity.” Mr Asokan commented.

“I like to thank all of my clients for their continuous support for Rakki Tech Private Limited. Not forgetting my family, who had given me much rapport when I needed.” Mr Asokan thanked, with gratitude.

With such a capable, and gregarious entrepreneur like Mr Elamperuvaluthi, his entry as a true blue Singaporean would be welcomed.

Contact Details:
11A Joo Yee Road S(619199)
T| 6265 6435
F| 6265 9435
E| rakki@singnet.com.sg

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