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JingleChen_20140110_Copyright_EjunLow-1 copy 2Names of Recipients:
Ms. Jingle Chen
Mr. Ejun Low

The proper branding and differentiation of a corporation is of the utmost importance. Many elements work together to create an overall impression to uphold shareholders’ and public perception. One branding consultant company, Anamics Creative Group Pte Ltd, help many individuals, SMEs and global MNCs embark on a branding and design process so that they are able to align themselves locally and with their parent companies overseas.

Established in 2003 by Ms. Jingle Chen and Mr. Ejun Low, Anamics provides a suite of services targeted towards companies who are looking for an image uplift. Their specialisation includes brand management, graphic design and implementation, photo and videography, as well as working with their networks in the media and creative industry to support their entire branding process.

Over the years, Anamics have taken on many projects, with their more prominent clients including Unilever, Ascott International, Raffles Hotels and Resorts, The Dow Chemical Company, and many other MNCs. As a one-stop service provider, they pride themselves on their heartfelt and prompt services, knowing that their clients are dependent on them to put their best face forward.

The roots of the company started back when both Jingle and Ejun were both pursuing their studies, with Ejun studying Animation and Film, and Jingle studying Mass Communications. When they graduated and decided to challenge themselves, they decided to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.

However, starting out on their own came with its own set of problems. Both of their parents had very high expectations on Ejun and Jingle, and they were worried that this high-risk venture into business would not pay off for them. In addition, though both Ejun and Jingle were well skilled in their respective fields, they had to learn from scratch the ins and outs of business. Jingle elaborated, “It was a steep learning curve for us. We were on our own, and we had to make every decision, big or small, ourselves.” Both Ejun and Jingle had their odds to battle, but they chose to battle on, knowing their hard work would one day pay off.

And it did. Anamics’s big break came about when big names such as NEC, Vopak, Colliers and Citibank came on board as their clients. Their parents also eventually came around, giving their support to the couple. After gaining the confidence of their clients and parents, it would ultimately prove to be the turning point for the company, as Ejun and Jingle knew they had finally established a foothold in this competitive marketing industry.

Now that they are experienced veterans in this industry, Ejun and Jingle knows well the qualities one needs to have to succeed. “After these years, I have learnt that it is important to have an open mind.” Jingle said. “I learnt not to be defensive about your work, but to open my eyes and ears to receive the suggestions of others, as well to know a good balance between being adamant about our art direction and being flexible to accommodate our client’s needs” In addition, Jingle feels that attitude plays a big part when it comes to business. “Never take things for granted. Always remember your P’s and Q’s; such small things make a big difference. And never say never! Make sure you are standing on your client’s side. Don’t give an absolute ‘no’ to them. There is always an alternative solution.”

Having now accumulated an impressive portfolio, Ejun and Jingle are looking ahead to the future of Anamics Group. They have now begun to choose their portfolio, ensuring that they will constantly maintain the standard in their work. With exceptional passion, attitude, and talent at their work, there is no doubt that Anamics will continue to gain prominence in the creative industry for the years to come.

Contact Details:
160 Paya Lebar Road #06-07
Orion@Paya Lebar S(409022)
T| 6848 5381
F| 6844 3135


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