Chuan Heng Signcrafts

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Seah Chee Wah

If you need a pair of vehicle license plates, there is no better company to approach than Chuan Heng Signcrafts. Located in Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Chuan Heng Signcrafts is known as the specialist in vehicle license plates. With 20 years of experience under its belt, the company is one of the leading license plate manufacturers in Singapore.

Established in 1994 by Mr Seah Chee Wah, the founder and existing director, this locally groomed company has transformed significantly over the years. From the humble beginnings of a two table sized office space to its current premise of a full-fledged workshop in Sin Ming Drive equipped with high tech. machineries, this company has endured several episodes of challenging periods to achieve its success today. It survived the onslaught of the Asia Financial Crisis, the recession in 2001, and it is currently expanding its footprints into the regional markets.

That said, this company was set up during difficult times when Mr Seah’s previous venture was forced to wind down. Out of desperation and financially stretched, Chuan Heng Signcrafts was born after its founder had spent months of sleepless nights to figure out the best method of manufacturing license plates. In the process, a significantly more efficient and innovative method of production came about, which enabled this company to rapidly establish itself in the market. Indeed, Chuan Heng Signcrafts is a story of a family business overcoming adversities with tenacities and eventually achieving success.

Twenty years on, the core values that brought about the establishment of this company are still visible in the way this business is being managed. The emphasis on technology and the relentless effort to constantly reinvent itself and seek breakthrough in its businesses are some of the traits displayed by its management. As Mr Seah has pointed out, “Always know the changes in the market. Be well versed in the knowledge and technology of the industry you are in. And capitalise on these advantages”

Moreover, Mr. Seah feels that the attitude towards the business is very important as well. He highlighted that “You have to be sincere and professional. Focus on delivering quality products and services, and your customer, knowing your ability, will always come back to you.” Indeed, the high standards of quality in its products and commitment to its customers are core values that are clearly visible in the day-to-day operation of the business.

This company is aiming higher in terms of its business targets and expanding its businesses proactively. It invested heavily in technology over the last few years. Working with technology leaders in Europe, it has upgraded its entire production line with new machinery and equipment, which have enhanced the productivity of its operation significantly. Manual processes are now automated, thereby resulting in higher efficiency and consistency in quality.

Furthermore, the knowledge and technology transfer from their European partners have enabled Chuan Heng Signcrafts to expand its footprints into the regional markets and compete more effectively. With the infusion of the younger generation into the management team, the company is now focusing on branding and marketing in the Internet and facilitating communications with consumers using social media applications.

This is a traditional family business in terms of its core corporate values and its management beliefs. But yet, this is a company that emphasizes on investing into the future and constantly rejuvenating itself. And with a motivated leader at its helm, its commitment to its customers, the strong emphasis on product quality and service standards, it is indeed our pleasure to award the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2013 award to Chuan Heng Signcrafts. We are sure this company will continue to prosper and succeed in their business.

Contact Details:
Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive
#01-361 S(575707)
T| 6552 4133
F| 6552 1639

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