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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jacqueline Cho

“We are focused on delivering clear messages, while at the same time, creating an impact for clients through cutting edge designs. We accomplish by understanding exactly what the client wants. This is our passion.” This is what Ms. Jacqueline Cho, Founder and Creative Director of razorSHARK Design Pte Ltd, has to say about their company.

Incorporated in year 2003, razorSHARK Design Private Limited has carved out a niche for themselves in the graphic design industry, providing not only valuable creative solutions with value added features, but also fabricating an enjoyable and stress-free experience for their clients, fostering long term business relations with their network.

With visual communication as their language, the agency specialises in 4 core areas of design, namely branding and corporate identity, corporate communication and company literature, editorial design, as well as publications and web base marketing tools. This is accompanied with an array of comprehensive, responsive and customising range of services, including copywriting, photography, art-direction, up to print supervision, on a scalable level catering to the specific needs of clients.

Majoring in both Broadcast Design and Business, Ms. Cho was exposed to graphic design at a very young age. “I wanted to be an artist since the age of 5, and I drew and painted a lot during my childhood. Having a father who was in printing industry back then, I enjoyed the luxury of having different types of picture books, dictionaries and children’s books. I would go to my dad’s office, and watch his staff do illustrations and copywriting. This truly fascinated me a lot.” Ms. Cho elaborated. Thus, as she grew, she already knew that in the future, she wanted to be either in advertising or graphic design.

“I’m inspired to be an entrepreneur as I personally think my dad is was a true entrepreneur,” described Ms. Cho, “because he never failed to pick himself up from any falls, and never wallowed on any failures. Picking up steam in the publishing industry for textbooks in Asia and India, my dad then ventured into property along with other side ventures, and finally embarking on real estate development in China. His journey had very much enlivened me and is a big motivation to where I stand today.” Undoubtedly, she has always regarded her dad as her benchmark as well as example.

With a pertinent team of five staff members from the very start till date, meticulously edging each piece of McCoy one at a time, the agency now not only services SMEs and MNCs but also many Government bodies like Land Transport Authority, National Environment Agency, and National Heritage Board developing a very strong impressive portfolio.

“We are flexible and accommodating, because we listen to what the client needs and wants. We also offer advices and solutions to them in order to achieve what they want.” Ms. Cho said. “Being creative and passionate in what we do, the team will customise everything to the client’s requirements at our optimum budget. Once we’re awarded the project, we are fully committed to it, and will see that the whole project is done professionally, with high quality and on-time delivery for the client. We make sure we make it a stress-free experience for the client up till delivery of the printed materials right to their doorstep.” she added.

Having worked in Los Angeles, California for 4 years prior to setting up her first company called Fstop Pte Ltd in 1992, then ten years after that, establishing razorSHARK Design, Ms Cho has had to adjust and re-learn many things, for things are not done in the same way and the work and design culture are very different to Los Angeles as well. Jokingly, she added, “I have had to speak to my supplier in Chinese, and try to understand the Hokkien they were speaking to me.”

As many clients were mainly concerned about pricing and did not really understand the value of a good design, this proved to be a challenge for Ms. Cho. With understanding that many Clients are not aware of how extensive it can be to develop a concept for a good design and to execute it well, razorSHARK have had to do their best in educating their clients. “We make it clear that we don’t do ‘can do’ designs,” she added. “We like to be creative and give our clients something different whenever we find the opportunity and the appropriate projects to do so. Some clients gradually learn to appreciate this and take our creative ideas and advice which make them a joy to work with, and in the end, they themselves are happy with the final product.”

Apart from putting your shoulder to the wheel, Ms. Cho believes that an entrepreneur has to separate the goats from the sheep in order to make a roaring trade. Patience, perseverance, knowledge, indomitable spirit and being self-driven is necessary for entrepreneurship. “Try, persevere and never give up, no matter what. Don’t be afraid to fail, move on and try something else if it doesn’t work.” she added.

Turning ten years old this year, the agency has no plans for expansion in terms of team size because as Ms. Cho puts it, “I love working in a small team. However, I would like to explore in acquiring projects from overseas, as well as moving into other creative areas that are close to what we do now.”

With many wonderful years ahead, the agency will continue to contrive quality projects with their ever-growing passion & commitment, bringing the agency to the next level and get their craft down to a fine art with the best of their ability.

Contact Details:
42B North Canal Road S(059298)
T| 6438 5118
F| 6438 5119
E| jackie@razorsharkdesign.com

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