The 80’s Studio

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Andy Tan

The 80’s were a period of great change, a time of revolution and evolution. During this time, there was great social and economical change, and coupled with an unprecedented rate of globalization, humanity saw a great change in the way they receive information, resulting in new radical thinking that has shaped the world we now live in today. Taking this as inspiration, Mr. Andy Tan, passionate about his craft of interior design, incorporated it as the interior design firm, and The 80’s Studio was born.

Established in September 2012, The 80’s Studio focuses on providing professional advice and quality service for their clients. Although their current specialization is at leading and managing residential projects, they are also able to manage private housing projects, hospitality chains, as well as commercial projects. For The 80’s Studio, their business direction and vision is for everyone to work under one roof, just like a family, driving their business forward together with passion and sincerity.

Andy’s father was the catalyst for his entrepreneurial journey. “My father was a passionate carpenter,” Andy explained, “Since young, I have been watching him as he worked on his carpentry projects. From there, I developed an interest in this industry and inspired to be an outstanding interior designer.”

But for him, being the norm was never in the books for him; he wanted to make a difference. “I have a dream to revolutionize the interior industry by changing people’s mindset about it. I truly feel that interior design requires a lot of professional knowledge and skills. And because of this dream, I decided to start a design firm that allows me to bring people of similar passions to make this dream happen.”

For many businesses, cash flow is always a major challenge. “Unlike an employee who works for a monthly salary, a boss needs to keep track of the company’s profits and losses. Trying to improve the company’s performance while managing its expenses is not an easy feat.” Andy said. In addition, as they were a new name in the industry, they had to build up trust and confidence with their clients amidst the bigger players in the interior design industry. However, with providing the best service as they can for their clients, as well as generating business based on word-of-mouth referrals, The 80’s Studio are now rising in prominence in the industry.

The warm and inviting working space of The 80’s Studio is a source of pride for Andy and his employees, and its origins form an interesting story. “It was when we received our very first appointment from a client. At that time, our office was not ready for a proper appointment. In order to get it ready, we transformed the office in the shortest amount of time, handcrafting every part of the office ourselves. Piece by piece, step by step, day by day, we managed to complete the renovation in time. The day when our first clients stepped into our office, we were very excited.”

For Andy, being an entrepreneur is about fundamentally accepting a leadership role in society; to become a trendsetter and carry the market forward, and becoming what one wanted to be in the past. He elaborated, “It is a responsibility to satisfy our clients, my team, and the community at large. As an interior designer, we build homes, not just houses.”

As a fellow young entrepreneur, Andy has the following advice for up and coming businessmen. “To be honest, only a select few have the capacity to become a successful entrepreneur. There is excitement, but there is plenty of pressure and stress as well. We commit to our work fully, enjoyment only comes last, and that’s when the project is complete and you feel the sense of achievement.” Andy then added, “Hence, to be successful, one must first have the fighting spirit, a strong character, the right attitude.” He also further advises, “I would encourage young people to do a lot of planning and research before committing into a business. I strongly believe that if a person is willing to give his best and work with passion, nothing is impossible.”

In the coming years, Andy aims to expand The 80’s Studio locally, regionally, and even internationally, to countries such as Taiwan and the European region. “In order to achieve this our vision, we have to first work doubly hard to overcome our current as well as future challenges.” Andy then concludes, “Everything we do now, every step we take, it is like a seed. And we believe that one day, the seeds we sow will grow into a forest of achievements.”

Indeed, Andy has acted upon his own advice and led The 80’s Studio to the prominent feature in the industry it is today. With passion, expertise, and commitment, we have no doubt The 80’s Studio will continue to accumulate much prestige and memorable achievements.

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81 Ubi Avenue 4 #01-12 S(408830)
T| 6604 8880

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