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Mr. Ang Ka San

The secret of a big success is starting with a small success and dreaming bigger and bigger dreams. However, the price of success is hard work, dedication to the jot at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Success does not happen overnight, it took Pollisum Engineering more than 25 years to attain this culmination of greatness. Only a systematic entrepreneur would be able to push his business to success. Both Miss Julia Tai and Mr Ang; founders of Pollisum Engineering, are fine examples of this instance.

Pollisum Engineering; eponymous to the three fore leaders of the company was initiated in 1984 with just a sole employee. Today, it has nearly 200 employees at its disposition. The company proffers an amalgam of services such as repair of machineries, fabrication of construction buckets and pipe of steel structures. Pollisum Engineering is also adept in the sales of high tensile steel pipes. Mr Ang ruminated upon the start of Pollisum Engineering: “I always believe in working step by step to achieve what I have today. Success could not be obtained overnight. Nevertheless, I did not realize that I am going to have this day; our success. I just work my best and unknowingly, we succeed.” With extremely vast experience and adroitness in this industry, Mr Ang was the best candidate to be at helm of Pollisum Engineering towards its success.

Despite Mr Ang’s prominence in the industry, setbacks are still inevitably met. When met with hitches, Pollisum Engineering does not face them with apprehension. The company would work in harmony in order to triumph these problems. “When we first started, as we are just a one-man show, we have much difficulties handling customers of large scales. The problem was worsening as we operate 24 hours daily.” Miss Tai listed some of the hindrances met in the commencement of Pollisum Engineering. “Similar to many other companies, we also met with some financial difficulties at the start.” Mr Ang’s eminence was not just a pretense. Due to his extensive networking derived from his experience, he was able to join forces with some friends from the same trade and hired more workers. The leaders also personally started dealing with the company’s services by themselves. “My friends were very supportive of Pollisum Engineering. They do not have any hesitation to lend a helping hand to us when we are in times of trouble. I am very grateful to them.” Mr Ang thanked with gratitude.

“Service is our top priority.” Mr Ang exclaimed. More haste, less speed. Pollisum Engineering is assertive of delivering quality services over speed. “We do understand that by trying to speed up some of our work, we might hinder our progress in the process. We also do not reject customers as we believe nothing too big for us.” an ambitious entrepreneur, Mr Ang proclaimed. The current number of employees possessing a vocation in Pollisum Engineering is already intimidating, passing the hundredth mark. What makes it even more imposing is the fact that every single staff member is qualified and skillfully trained. “We build rapport with all our clients and treat them with good service. We are also able to build up a relationship with them in the process.” Miss Tai elucidated.

Such proficiency had allowed Pollisum Engineering to do what is deemed unthinkable to most. “We had managed to fix a crane which is already beyond repair. We are certainly proud of our achievement as this shows our expertise in the industry.” Miss Tai said. “Our company has also grown much in the process. From just 1 employee, we now have more than 160 employees today.” Mr Ang then rejoined: “In my personal opinion, I am glad that we are able to build a massive client base from word of mouth and referrals.” With aspiring dreams of attaining greater heights, Pollisum Engineering started hiring salesmen in 2010; after 26 years of operations.

“To me, entrepreneurship is all about going through hardship and continuously improve on your business. Hardship is the price to pay for success, and it is worth every bit.” an insightful Mr Ang noted. “Improvement is never ending. One must always self improve.” Mr Ang then commented on how driven he is when it comes to his work and career as an entrepreneur: “I am hardworking by nature. I can work everyday even when I am not feeling well. I believe this is my driving force towards success.”

The helmsmen then gave their opinion on the makings of a successful entrepreneur: “You need to be a man of your word. Keep your promise and be able to deliver it.” Miss Tai urged. “Personally, I believe you need to have the integrity. You should only receive your fruits of labor after you had truly worked hard.” Mr Ang added. The pair then advocated aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses: “One must be able to learn to improve, able to change and improve upon mistakes.” Mr Ang espoused. Miss Tai replied: “An entrepreneur must also be able to evolve into what is needed in the market. Only so, he would succeed.”

When it comes to improvement, Pollisum Engineering is nothing but staunched about it. Both leaders are zealous about ameliorating. “We have to continuously improve on our service that we provide. We cannot stop here even if we have achieve something as technology and products are continuously changing.” a realist, Miss Tai explained. “We believe Pollisum Engineering still has room for improvements. We are planning to expand our fabrication works division and we are currently in negotiations to bring Pollisum Engineering to neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka and Malaysia.” Mr Ang continued.

With so much devotion for self-improvement, it is without doubt a greater success is on the horizon for Pollisum Engineering.

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