Liang Seng Sports Equipment Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Tan

The practice of high-contact sports such as MMA, Boxing and Taekwondo is becoming more and more prevalent and mainstream in Singapore. As such, the demand for the proper safety equipment and accessories is rising as well, as high-contact sports can be potentially dangerous without them. Liang Seng Sports Equipment Pte Ltd, a pioneer in this industry, has been meeting the needs of high-contact sports practitioners since the 1980’s.

Established in 1984 by Mr. Steven Tan with three other partners, it was their passion and interest in Martial Arts that had propelled them into the industry. Mr. Tan, a practitioner at the time himself, saw a demand in the equipment and protectors that is essential for the form. He then proceeded to set up Liang Seng Sports Equipment, with hopes that he can cater to those in this niche market of sports equipment at that time. They opened their first retail store in 1986. Today, Liang Seng Sports is operating 3 retail outlets respectively at Marina Square Shopping Mall, Tanjong Katong Road and National University of Singapore.

Liang Seng Sports is the sole distributor of Adidas Boxing, Martial Arts, Taekwondo & Table Tennis; Liang Seng Sports are also the official supplier of the 1st Youth Olympic Games in 2010 for Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo and Wrestling.
Now, Liang Seng Sports has expanded to include equipment for other sports and carries an extensive range of sports products, such as apparels, bags, footwear, fitness equipment, physical education equipment, sports protectors, ball game accessories etc.

However, getting to where they are now had not been an easy journey. Only a year after Liang Seng Sports Equipment’s establishment, one of Mr. Tan’s partners left the company due to financial problem, and Mr. Tan, fresh out of the Singapore Armed Forces as a full time Taekwondo instructor, took over the business. At the time, the financial situation of the company was less than desirable, and they only operated out of a small office, with dreams of expanding as motivation.

To overcome the company’s teething problems, Mr. Tan ran a one-man show, overseeing much of the company’s operations by himself, and in the process making plenty of personal sacrifices, all for the company’s betterment. He mused, “I’m the person who, whatever I do, I will not give up easily.” As such, Mr. Tan believes that he must treat his customers and clients with sincerity and honesty, looking at a problem through their prospective and not just from his. He communicates with them regularly, in order to ensure that they get the correct product, one that best suits their needs.

Today, Liang Seng Sports Equipment has overcome all of their previous problems, and is looking forward to a bright future ahead. Their three outlets are all operating very strongly, and their flagship outlet in Marina Square Shopping Mall, is already twenty-two years old. Mr. Tan has further hopes to expand, provided that manpower is not an issue. “There will be a lot of opportunities, as the government has such a positive stance regarding exercise and healthy living.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start out on their own, Mr. Tan has the following advice for them, “I think they should get themselves prepared. Do your homework. Nowadays, there’s the internet that makes things so much easier than before.” He also encourages them to study hard, most preferably in the area they are interested in starting out. “If you have the perseverance, one day you will stand out for sure.”

Indeed, Liang Seng Sports has now stood out to be one of the leader in the sports equipment market in Singapore. With the experience and expertise of Mr. Tan, there is no doubt that the company will continue to be leading the industry field for years to come.

Contact Details:
601 Sims Drive #02-13
Pan-I Complex S(387382)
T| 6858 1828
F| 6858 1867

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