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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Pulse Tan
Mr. Zack Lim
Mr. Zepht Tan

Design. Optimize. Market. This is the motto of Social Media Enterprise (SoME), a local tech-based advertising company. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of social media platforms, many more companies have turned their advertising attentions toward them. SoME, with their innovation, creative drive, and innovation, have stood out amongst the rest, and have now emerged as a promising leader in the burgeoning local creative scene.

Founded in 2009 by friends Pulse, Zack, and Zepht, SoME focuses on specialized, custom tech-based advertising, boasting core competencies in social media advertising, corporate web development, public relations auditing and solutions, and branding initiatives. With social media marketing practically unheard of in Singapore, the three founders had to start from scratch, working hard to carve out an area in the advertising industry for themselves.

Starting as young undergrads with no funding grants, SoME has since established an admirable standing in a highly competitive industry, a feat they are particularly proud of. Now rapidly expanding, SoME aspires to grow to the likes of industry giants such as Saatchi & Saatchi, and Oglivy & Mather. Someday soon, they hope to be able to meet these heroes eye-to-eye, and compete with them on a level-playing field.

With every journey to greatness, it comes with its own roadblocks and obstacles, and for SoME, there were already such obstacles right from the outset. None of the founding directors were trained in such technology, and also have little idea of how the industry works. But SoME were not ready to give up before the race has even started, abiding by their vision, which is to be a first-seed advertising agency despite planted in hard soil and harsh climates.

Key Account Manager, Pulse Tan, elaborates on their vision. “We founded this company without investment, incubation, or any government grants, and our determination was the “cash float” that sustained our business during our bread and water phase. Today we are able to sit comfortably in a CBD office, supported by teams of capable professionals only because of the support of our friends, and the learning experiences – good or bad – that our clients have graced us with.”

Gathering experiences, the founding team of three soon started to get things right. With their creative streak a constant current, they began to develop innovative solutions to solve their client’s problems. Their hallmark, the FUTURIS, is a unique system that distinguishes them from other advertising companies in the industry. A proprietary next-generation web-based CMS platform, the FUTURIS is extremely versatile and adaptable to client’s needs. Combined with high quality mobile app development and social media marketing, SoME is able to achieve an unprecedented degree of market penetration for their client’s advertising needs.

As young entrepreneurs who have triumphed against the odds in their entrepreneurial journey, the founding team of three knows well the essential elements every entrepreneur needs to reach the top.

Creative Director Zepht Tan comments, “You have to keep working hard, building on your success. It is a 24/7 job, and you will definitely feel the pinch. It will definitely be tough to overcome difficulties, but to achieve success; you cannot give up so easily.” Project Manager Zack Lim adds, “You have to get the planning done right, so that you can anticipate any challenges or difficulties. You must also be aware of your customer service and attitudes.” He then additionally adds, “Being young is the prime time to try anything, whether it is be an entrepreneur or anything else. The experience you gain will be invaluable. But once you decide, you have to be committed. Plunge your hands in and get dirty. Tenacity is only built in such situations.”

Certainly, with the combined experiences and proactive attitudes of the three founders, SoME looks ahead to a brighter future. Zack comments, “Within the first five months in 2013, we have also tripled our staff size and expanded our cutting-edge capabilities in our core competencies.” And they are not planning to stop just yet. Hoping to increase their staff numbers to about a hundred, they also hope to break into the regional Asia market. Eventually, they also hope to establish subsidiaries, splitting their attentions into advertising, as well as other areas. With clear plans and decisive execution, we have no doubt that SoME will continue to accumulate prestige in their industry for years to come.

Contact Details:
32B Upper Cross Street S(058339)
T| 6220 4662

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