Huat Hock Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Brian Go Thiam Huat

For many people, pets are their source of happiness and companionship. Hence, they are committed to providing only the best for their little companions. Whether it be grooming, pet food, or various accessories, pet owners are always on the lookout for things to pamper their pets with. One company they should definitely consider is Huat Hock Pte Ltd, a company which deals in such pet-related goods and services.

Established in 2009 by Mr. Brian Go Thiam Huat, Huat Hock Pte Ltd operates under the shop name, Pets Dreamz, to service their client’s pets’ needs. They provide services such as pet sitting, transportation, vet visits to professional styling, as well as selling products like pet foods, accessories, bedding and even customized cages. With veteran in-house groomers and reasonable pricing for their services, it is not hard to see the reasons behind their long list of clients who regularly visit their four outlets.

With his father an entrepreneur himself in the construction business, Mr. Go himself has always, since young, had the dream of setting up his own business one day. Although it had not come into fruition when he was younger, Mr. Go found that such an opportunity once more arose when his wife completed her professional pet-grooming course. “We realized that there is a growing demand in the pet industry for such services, and as both my wife and I love animals, and we are now more financially stable, we decide to venture into this industry to fulfill this demand and our passion, as such Pets Dreamz was born.”

However, venturing into the unknown carries its risks as well. Mr. Go did not know much about this industry, and it took some self-educating before he was up to speed with his competitors. Furthermore, he found Pets Dreamz facing tough competition from Freelance pet groomers. One particular competitor only charged a quarter of Pets Dreamz’s prices, making it even tougher to compete and survive.

But with the quality services and products they offer, Pets Dreamz soon found themselves with a strong foothold in the industry again. Introducing premium brands of pet foods and products, as well as hiring overseas veterinarian with over twenty years of experience to give sound advice to customers, Pets Dreamz was determined to provide the highest level of service in the pet industry. Today, they have more than over $100,000 worth of products in their stock, and their number of clients is rapidly increasing. Mr. Go’s belief about his company’s quality has truly paid off.

Mr. Go has learnt a lot about being an entrepreneur since he ventured out with Pets Dreamz. “It means a lot to me, it teaches me different things everyday. I am glad to have ventured into business as it has changed my life entirely. It molded me and my wife into better people; people who are more conscious, people who pay more attention to details, people who handle financial issues better.”

As someone who has successfully conquered a tough industry, Mr. Go knows well the qualities one needs to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors. “I have learnt to never give up and always go for the extra mile. It motivates me to excel and improve in what I do anyway. But to have that, passion is the key factor. Without passion, all other quality is just secondary. Follow your heart and do what you love most. With that, you stand a good chance of being successful in what you do.”

Mr. Go is adamant that their road to success does not end here. In fact, they have just taken over a 1600 square feet shop space, fully renovated into Holistic pet care, and had just opened in July 2013. This new outlet is an additional arm to further cater to customers who need the pet boarding services. Down the line, they also plan to acquire more outlets, eventually increasing its number to fifteen outlets by 2017. They also hope to renovate their existing outlets, as well as introduce better brands of products in their lineup. With such ambitions and clear direction for their future, it is hard to see anything but success in their near future.

Contact Details:
620 Hougang Avenue 8
#01-274 S(530620)
T| 8613 2063

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