Pmax One Technologies Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Christopher Leong

Integrity is integral to business.  The value underpins the execution of competitive strategies and often it takes a great leader to cascade such desired business conduct.

Pmax One Technologies, the name inspired by a jargon for Maximum Peak Pressure, which measures the performance of a combustion engine, is a company that has thrived under such leadership.  At the helm are Mr David Loke, Group Managing Director, and his right hand man Mr Christopher Leong, General Manager, both veterans of the marine industry.

The company was founded in March 2000, an opportunity that arose from the turbocharger business of its parent company Tru-Marine.  Pmax One Technologies specializes in the repair and reconditioning of governors and fuel injection equipment that are interlinked to the turbochargers found on board ocean-going vessels, industrial plants, locomotives as well as offshore installations.

Mr Christopher Leong explains, “An engine consists of many delicate components and anything could go wrong. Whenever an engine problem such as surging is reported, the performance of the turbocharger is always questioned, and the turbocharger may not be the cause most of the time. The problem could be due to other equipment such as the governors or fuel injectors.  As such, Pmax One Technologies was set up to provide a one-stop solution for engine repairs on ships.”

Started up with just seven employees, the early days have not been smooth sailing when the young company saw competition against older establishments.  The difficulty to compete was compounded by a market dominated by low price strategies.  It took hard work to establish proprietary processes and to gain accreditations from various equipment principals.

Today, the company has grown in strength to serve customers beyond the local waters.  Its client base spans from ship management companies and ship owners to other suppliers of spare parts, and counts Europe as its key market.

The best way to win a price war is not to compete on price in the first place. Instead the company focuses on improving the quality of its product and service delivery, aided by continuous training and development as well as strong customer engagement to keep ahead of the competition.

Efforts saw fruition when the company was able to branch out of Singapore to make a name for itself in various European countries.  “Many well-known companies in Europe award us jobs on a weekly basis, some even provide valuable customer referrals.  Through product and service excellence, we have been able to elevate our business relationships with these customers to become their trusted partner that integrates with their value chain,” says Mr Leong.

“What sets us apart from our competitors is the expertise and care we put into each job.  Over and above of resolving equipment problems, our guiding business premise is to deliver peace of mind whenever our customers entrust us – peace of mind about the integrity of the business relationship.” So what constitutes a successful entrepreneur?  Mr David Loke enthuses, “Alongside integrity, you need to have a good vision and good people to realize a shared vision.

“For aspiring entrepreneurs, start something niche, innovative, creative, and importantly, something differentiated from the current offering.” On to expansion plans, Mr Leong shares that the company will venture into sustainable technologies, which involve the remanufacturing of pre-owned components to become new components.  “With the new process paradigm, we are conserving resources by prolonging the useful lifespan of recovered components.  The associated processes and procedures promote environmental responsibility.  We aim to lead our field with sustainable development.”

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