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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Huah Teng Lin

“Let me tell you that no amount of rhetoric can make a man happy when he has got no job. Our approach must… go straight to his problem. He needs finances – to pay his utilities bills, children education and transport.” As what Dr Tan Cheng Bock said, if a man is jobless, he would not be carefree at all. Despite so, scores of people still remain unemployed due to the sparse vocations available for the population.

People’s Employment, eponymous to its name, is to resolve the unemployment problem which had been plaguing Singapore for years, adept in yielding the best men for the right job with the right attitude and aptitude. “Many companies do not have a HR department. It’s really sad. Some of them are not capable in the sense that they aren’t familiarized with the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) regulations.” Mr Huah said the founder of People’s Employment, which he initiated in 1993 with 4 adept employees. “Such so-called HR departments do not even give a fair right to their employees.
The employees do not get annual leaves, and they are made to work for more than 10 hours each day. Where’s the humanity?” Mr Huah added.

Occurrences of workers escaping under duress of appalling working conditions would come into realization once in every while. Despite proactive measures taken to curb such incidents, the best preventive measures should always start right from the root of the problem; the lack of a proficient Human Resource Management system.

Mr Huah previously worked in National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) as an Senior Industrial Relation Officer. Through his job he had met many instances of poor human resource management, and became proficient in resolving such issues. He was able to amalgamate around with people related in this industry. With befitting contacts and adroit experience, commencing People’s Employment is the best candidate for Mr Huah’s venture as an entrepreneur. “I wanted to help more people by running an independent company. People who run into trouble in their jobs could just come straight to People’s Employment, and we are certain that we would have the right solution for them.” Mr Huah remarked.

Even before the commencement of People’s Employment, Mr Huah had already been sought for help in the regards of employment issues. “This was a wake up call for me, that I should start taking action to help these people in need.” Mr Huah said. By proffering appropriate training courses for those who seek to have a second chance in the working society, the general population and companies would benefit from the services of People’s Employment. “Companies could come to us if they are facing manpower constrains, and the rate of unemployment would go down as well. It’s a win-win situation.” Mr Huah commented with jubilation.

Being experienced in the field, had helped led Mr Huah along with People’s Employment attain a perfect track record; without any hitches or setbacks through its lifespan. Never was once there was a case related to People’s Employment being referred to the Ministry Of Manpower, embassies, ever. Mr Huah was also the Vice President in the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) and a Chairman of Industrial Relations and Business Partner Committee. ”It is certainly my honor to achieve such a high regard in this industry.” Mr Huah acknowledged with gratitude.

Over the years, People’s Employment had made such a prominent name for itself; it’s now the priority choice of big conglomerates in the regards of Human Resources issues. “It is certainly a proud achievement of ours. Being able to serve these major clients.” Mr Huah remarked. People’s Employment has also managed to heap multitude of clients; some even spanning all the way from overseas. “It is our joy, a sense of achievement, being able to have such a swarm of clienteles. We have clients, which had patronized us continually for more than a decade. It is certainly our pride to be able to obtain such an achievement.” Mr Huah commented on the progress of People’s Employment, which is on its advent of global deployment.

“My motivation is derived from the relationship I have with my clients. Together, we possess some kind of mutual support. I like to thrive better to serve them better, and they as well, would like me to do so. In my personal opinion, a good entrepreneur should always sustain a good relationship with his clients. It’s a form of fundamental respect.” Mr Huah advocated on his spur in his venture as an entrepreneur. “In this particular industry, it’s a cinch to break into the global industry as you often mingle with people from companies with “big” names. But, you need to be good in order to do so. To be good, you need to have the experience. The responsibility, every move you make, would directly affect not only yourself, but both the employees, and the client as well.”

A good business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. “As an entrepreneur, you need to take pride in what you do. What you had achieved so far through the journey you had walked so far as an entrepreneur.” Mr Huah said. “If you like to venture onto the path as an entrepreneur, I would seriously advise you to be serious about what you do. If you regard yourself as an entrepreneur for the sake of just participating, you might as well not do so.” Mr Huah urged. “As the proverb goes, you reap what you sow. You have to work hard for what you want in order to succeed.” Mr Huah also added.

People’s Employment is a result of a man; filled with experience, who devoted every single bead of sweat and hard work into what he does for a passion. It is also a company, which is here to serve, to help make the world a better place to live in. People’s Employment cares, and is responsible for both clients, and employees. People’s Employment is a company for the better of the people around.

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