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Name of Recipient:
Mr. David Chua

Water features are gradually becoming more and more common in various areas in Singapore. They provide recreation in the form of swimming pools, aesthetic beauty in water fountains, or feng shui wisdom in different types of water placements. One company that specializes in such water features is S.C.I. General Services, who have been lending their services to the industry since 1999.

Established by Mr. David Chua, S.C.I General Services initially was a company that provided visa coordination services between people who want to travel to and from China. They also acted as a consultant of sorts for the client, sometimes accompanying them to China if the need arises. However, as Singapore grows, the number of hotels, private housing, and publics grew greater, and Mr. Chua saw the impending demand for various types of water features as well as its maintenance. Besides having some interest in this line of business, Mr. Chua was also interested to see whether he has the skills and the capability to be an entrepreneur, and decided to take up this new challenge. Now, S.C.I. General Services specializes in the repairing, maintenance, and upgrading of Spa water facilities, ponds, steam and sauna machines, swimming pools, and water fountains.

However, switching to a new line of business does not happen overnight. Mr. Chua found himself lacking in certain technical knowledge and industry connections, with his workers not trained in the technical knowledge of how to repair and maintain water features as well. In addition, S.C.I. General Services found itself lacking in funds as well, which was another hurdle Mr. Chua knew he had to overcome before the new line of business from S.C.I. General Services can truly take off.

To overcome these problems, Mr. Chua made several personal sacrifices and even got a bank loan. To make sure that the company can gain the most benefits from the injection of money, Mr. Chua resolves to work extra diligently, getting hands-on with the day to day operations, so that S.C.I. General Services can find their footing in such a niche industry. With their name S.C.I. standing for Services, Clients, and Innovation, Mr. Chua shifted his focus into customer satisfaction, providing his employees training personally, stressing to them the importance of integrity and sincerity when interacting with their clients.

It worked. Although S.C.I. General Services did not place any advertisements in any media and print publication, the clients began coming in through the door. Simply through word-of-mouth from previous satisfied clients, S.C.I. General Services began securing their foothold in this industry. Known as a responsible and credible company, it is not hard to see why the company has flourished to its current state today.

For Mr. Chua, his family is the one motivating force that drives him to be constantly better at what he does. “I have a commitment to my family, and I have to give them a stable life. In order to do that, I have to make sure my company runs properly.” Indeed, attitude and responsibility is what matters the most to Mr. Chua, and he translates that to his work as well. He elaborates, “In order to keep your clients, you have to be responsible for them. If anyone has problems, you have to provide your services in the most thoughtful way possible, and make sure that all bases are covered.” In addition, Mr. Chua also believes that an aspiring entrepreneur should also not be afraid of failures. “Failure is okay. It is okay to fall. You can always get back up again. What is important is that you don’t stop trying.”

Mr. Chua definitely is one that does not stop trying new things. Not only does he plan on capitalizing on government encouragement by purchasing more machines and technology for his current line of business, but he also wants to open a childcare centre services sometime in the future. Although it is very different to the water features industry that he has done until now, the name S.C.I. General Services allows Mr. Chua to venture into other industries without limitations.

With quality services, superior service attitude, and an adventurous leader at its helm, S.C.I. General Services has braved through various difficulties to get to where it stands today. We are confident that S.C.I. General Services can continue to build on their achievements, and proceed to evolve and prosper into the future.

Contact Details:
5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #02-28
Ang Mo Kio Tech 2 S(567760)
T| 6459 9784
E| scigs@gmail.com

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