Lucinda Bakery Mart

Name of Recipient:
Mdm. Jane Goh Suat Geok

To eat is a blessing. As a sweet finale to any meal, dessert is usually served in one form or another, whether it be a slice of gourmet cake, or a nice éclair with the perfect filling. As a result, many in recent years have flocked to learn the art of bakery, in order to learn the joy of providing the perfect dessert for their loved ones. If one is looking to learn, they should look no further than Lucinda Bakery Mart, a company whichspecializes in the impartment of such bakery skills.

Lucinda Bakery Mart was established in 1990 by Mdm. Jane Goh Suat Geok, who has had over thirty years of training in this industry. Their course offerings include professional bread and cake making, as well as professional decoration and advanced gum paste course. For those serious in taking up baking as a craft, there is also the full professional course available. Emphasizing on practical hands-on training rather than theory based lessons, Lucinda Bakery Mart allows their students to learn at their own pace with no fixed timing, allowing flexibility for their students who otherwise have other commitments. Their familial environment and non-rigid structure of their course aims to foster creativity, which has proved effective and popular amongst their students.

Formerly a beautician by trade, Mdm. Goh was introduced to the concept of baking when her mother’s relative set up a bakery opposite her residence. As she began helping out at the bakery, Mdm. Goh developed an interest that soon define her life and career. As this interest grew, so did Mdm. Goh’s thirst for knowledge. Travelling to Japan, Hong Kong, and even as far away as the United States, Mdm. Goh enrolled in various mentorships in schools and industry leading bakers.

Along the way, Mdm. Goh began teaching bakery in small classes out of their family home. With the growing number of students, and their requests for more difficult techniques which required advanced machinery, Mdm. Goh soon found herself at a crossroad. With the encouragement of her husband, Mdm. Goh decided to continue on, and Lucinda Bakery Mart was established.

Part of their name, Lucinda, came from the name of Mdm. Goh’s previous occupational residence. Having held the name for eleven years, she felt that it has acquired brand awareness, and thus kept it for her new business. In addition, Lucinda is also the Greek goddess of light, new birth, and inspiration, and Mdm. Goh had hoped that its qualities would reflect upon her company.

With the name consolidated, Mdm. Goh commissioned a small space in Hougang, just large enough to accommodate more students and machinery. When there was demand for even more professional training, Mdm. Goh took a chance, and established themselves in a bigger space in Rochor Centre, embarking on an incredible journey that has lasted till today.

Now, many graduates from Lucinda Bakery Mart have gone on to establish their own culinary careers in leading hotels and bakeries. Mdm. Goh finds it most satisfying when her graduates achieve such career milestones, as she knows that she has helped people acquire essential skills, enough for them to make a comfortable living.

Mdm. Goh is also gradually cultivating it to be a second generational business, with her daughter, Ms. Vivienne Yong, joining the company and managing much of the day-to-day operations alongside her mother. As Lucinda Bakery Mart shapes up to be a family legacy, Mr. Yong finds that there are plenty of family expectations to live up to. “In the F&B industry, it is very hands-on, and you are required to work very long hours, most days of the week. That requires a certain amount of personal sacrifices on my part. But I decided to give it a try, and I even participated in some of the courses.”

A veteran in the culinary industry, Mdm. Goh knows best the steps to take to be successful in their own businesses. “It is really not easy to break into the F&B industry, so if one is interested, there will be plenty of elements to consider. They will need plenty of planning ahead, especially with regards to capital and finances. Revenue, target audience, required equipment, as well as relevant personnel.” Meanwhile, Ms. Yong also has the following to offer. “You must have the passion. Running a business is not as easy as it seems. Work for the sake of fun, of passion, but respect the integrity of your craft. Hard work and technique is still of the utmost importance.”

Indeed, with her passion and hard work, Mdm. Goh has led Lucinda Bakery Mart to the high standards it now holds today. Looking to the future, as their current premises will be acquired by the government in 2015, Mdm. Goh and Ms. Yong hopes to acquire a larger, more professional grounds elsewhere, as well as hiring new staff, and introducing new, more advanced techniques. With the many years of experience under her belt, and the adaptability Lucinda Bakery Mart has exhibited in its history, we have no doubt the company will continue to prosper in the near future.

Contact Details:
637 Veerasamy Road #02-125 S(200637)
T| 6295 8019

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