ONLY Aesthetics

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jermaine Teo

An entrepreneur’s world is endless. There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. Motivated by the power of an unlimited source of opportunities; with no ceilings, Miss Jermaine Teo decided to make her foray into the entrepreneurial world in 2001.

ONLY aesthetics is a beauty and aesthetics business initiated by Miss Teo in 2008. With nearly a score of employees, ONLY aesthetics has attained many accolades and achievements since it started. “My partner and I previously had been distributors of beauty and aesthetic equipments. With our experience in helping many beauty and medical center grow their business, we decided to setup our first aesthetic center in Holland Village in 2007.” Miss Teo reminisced how the notion of setting up the business came about.

One has to face challenges as an entrepreneur. It was no different for Miss Teo, especially in the combative beauty industry. “I would say having good staffs is extremely important. Jealous competitors often try to undermine you.” Miss Teo continued: “In any industry, we face challenges, we just need to take it in stride and carry on.” Despite the toughness faced, Miss Teo always have an adviser to look upon; Lord Jesus. “Our faith in our Lord Jesus was the only source that helped us overcame our challenges.” With the guidance and blessings of Lord Jesus, ONLY aesthetics was able to overcome its ordeal with no hitches.

Only by keeping ahead of the challenge, ONLY aesthetics is able to remain in the forefront. “We bring in the latest and most innovative aesthetic treatments, and always believing in making them affordable.” Miss Teo explicated. It is without doubt, with such proficiency, ONLY aesthetic is able to garner masses of loyal customers and supporters through the years. “Several of our customers even became great friends over the years and I am personally honored to have them in my life.” Miss Teo commented. “Our customers and staffs have always been our pillar, through thick and thin throughout good times and bad times, they have stuck with us, and to me, they are the foundation of the business.” Miss Teo also added: “We also have many celebrities, and even royalties patronizing our business, that we are also blessed to have.”

An entrepreneur must assert oneself to succeed. As Miss Teo explains: “He or she needs to believe and set out to do the things, and whatever it takes to make it successful, no matter what it takes. Perseverance and faith is extreme importance.” Miss Teo also advocated young people yearning to start their businesses: “If they believe they have a product or a service that can be better the lives of the community, do so. Every business must have its USP (Unique Selling Point) and discover it will ensure longevity in the business.”

“Entrepreneurship is something that we need to put our hands to everything.” Miss Teo defines what entrepreneur means to her. “Building it and nurturing it like a child. It takes courage and faith. It is hard work, but you shall get fulfilling rewards when you succeed.” Miss Teo also expressed her gratitude: “I would like to thank three particular people for helping me get this far: my Jesus, pastor, and my partner. Thank you.”

ONLY aesthetics has just expanded its mega center in Dhoby Ghaut, the heart of Singapore’s downtown. Nevertheless, Miss Teo is reluctant to just stop here: “We will be developing our expansion plans in the coming years.” The future looks prosperous with such an ambitious leader at the fore for ONLY aesthetics.

Contact Details:
25A Lorong Mambong S(277684)
T| 6314 4434


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